December showed some impressive results for the Nissan Parts & Accessories Online program. Holiday traffic increased paid search engine marketing (SEM) sales 70% compared to November, and total program sales reached over $1,800,000. 

This month's newsletter will go over how you can benefit from taking advantage of Real-Time Shipping on your site, as well as how to utilize Pricing Matrices to optimize the success of your website. 

Real-time shipping: Manage your profit margins on shipping easier and more effectively.
We are always looking to improve your e-commerce experience, and thanks to the hard work and continued partnership between SimplePart and Nissan Parts & Accessories Online, Real-Time Shipping (RTS) is now available for your online parts store. This feature provides an easy way to manage your shipping costs.

Because Nissan provides SimplePart with weight and package dimension data, shipping costs will be calculated in real-time as customers add products to their carts. This gives shoppers a much more accurate estimate than the current matrix setup, while also making it easy for you to manage your shipping costs and increase your profit margins. 

Setting up Real-Time Shipping for your site is easy:
  1. Contact SimplePart’s Client Services Team to get the process started.
  2. Provide your USPS, FedEx, and UPS account information. You are not required to provide all three, but your customers will see the most accurate shipping costs if you do.
  3. Set your pricing model for Real-Time Shipping. This is identical to how you set your pricing tiers. For example, you can set your shipping costs to Cost+30%; so if a product will cost $10 to ship, your customer will see a $13 charge for shipping. We generally recommend pricing your RTS between Cost+20% and Cost+30%.

Once you have RTS set up, it’s important to follow the costs suggested for each customer’s order. This will help you stay within your margins and avoid excessive shipping costs. 

Note: Once RTS is set up for your online store, it’s still important to maintain your shipping price matrix in case the necessary data for a product isn’t available. Additionally, RTS is not available for orders which require freight shipping. 

For more information on RTS and how it can help you maximize your profits, contact our 24/7 Client Services Team at or (888) 843-0425.

Pricing Matrices: Optimize your pricing to sell more, more profitably.
Pricing your parts and accessories correctly is essential to your website’s success. As you develop a pricing strategy, keep in mind that lowering your prices consistently may not always be the best course of action. For example, pricing an accessory at $20 with a $10 shipping fee may be less attractive to an online customer than pricing an accessory at $30 with free shipping. Keep this in mind as you work on your pricing strategy.

Using a Price Matrix to Protect Your Margins and Stay Competitive: Selling online gets competitive. Multiple product offerings and multiple outlets are easily compared and one of the biggest deciding factors for a customer is always going to be the product price. To save margins from being completely depleted, get strategic with your pricing with matrices.

Pricing Matrices balance high margins without lowering customer conversion. With a matrix, dealers can control margins for select price ranges.     
  • Higher margins are maintained on inexpensive popular items.     
  • Margins can be adjusted for higher priced items so as not to scare customers away.
Here’s an example pricing matrix from a dealer who chose that strategy: 
For more information on optimizing your pricing matrices and how it can help you become more competitive in your market, contact a member of our Client Services Team at or (888) 843-0425.

Ready to take advantage of these features and other tips to help you boost your sales? Partner with SimplePart by reaching out to our Sales Team at
Data as of 1/14/2020

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