September was another strong month for the Nissan Parts & Accessories Online program! Our Summer’s End Sales Event drove an additional $282k+ to our dealers and continued to grow the Nissan Parts & Accessories Online brand. This month's newsletter will cover recent improvements to product pages and show how coupons can increase sales from repeat customers.

Also, did you know you can enroll in a Spanish-language version of your existing parts & accessories website? By launching a Spanish-language version of your existing website, you can capture searches and sales from a Spanish-speaking audience of customers looking for Nissan parts online. To learn more and sign up for a Spanish site for your dealership, contact SimplePart’s sales team at or (404) 620-9764.

New this month:


SimplePart updated the Product Details page to better serve you and your customers.

SimplePart’s goal when designing pages on our platform is to make the buying experience as simple as possible for your customers. After conducting research internally on our site pages as well as studying external reports on how page design influences customer behavior, we implemented a few simple changes to the Product Details page to hopefully increase your online sales. Let’s look at a few...

  • We made shipping costs more upfront. Through our research, we found customers are much more likely to finish a purchase when they know the shipping cost of an item at the beginning of the buying process. With this in mind, we increased the amount of shipping information available immediately, and opted to now display an estimate of shipping costs to help customers feel more informed as soon as they click on an item.
  • We reinforced competitive pricing. We found that price is cited as the number one reason customers shop at one retailer over another. With this in mind, we decided to more obviously highlight when an item is on sale and display strikethrough pricing, so it’s very clear to the customer how much they save by shopping on your site.  
  • We moved the dealer’s rating and reviews up. Our research indicated that online customers strongly favor reviews as part of their buying decision. Originally, we had the dealer rating further down on the page, requiring a prospective customer to scroll down. Now, customers can find the dealer reviews right next to the item’s price and the “add to cart” button. Our hope is that this change will increase the prospective customer’s trust with the online dealer faster, resulting in a higher chance of purchase. 

So... did it work? Yes! Since launching these changes, we’ve seen increases in both average cart size and cart-to-order conversion. SimplePart is always optimizing our sites to help dealers succeed, so we’ll continue to monitor these changes and adjust accordingly.

To read more about these changes and the research that influenced the decision to implement them, click here.

Tips & tricks to help you sell more:



Remarketing: the benefits of follow-up coupons

The goal of remarketing is to encourage repeat customers. There are many remarketing tactics, and one of the easiest ways to drive repeat traffic to your site is to offer follow-up coupons.

Whether in printed or email form, follow-up coupons are a great tool because they not only incentivize customers to come back to your site to place an order, but even if customers don’t use the coupon, your store’s name is still advertised, improving the odds that customers will seek you out in the future. 

So, how do you create a coupon? The Control Panel is the best place to start. There, you can create a coupon and toggle things like the dollar amount thresholds, the coupon name and code, discount amount and the start and end dates. 

Once the coupon is created, you can send the coupon to customers through either email campaigns (get in touch with the SimplePart Marketing team for details), or just handing them to your in-store customers on flyers or receipts. 

To read more about how to use coupons on the SimplePart platform,
click here.

If you have more questions about how to get started on the Nissan Parts & Accessories Online program, reach out to SimplePart's Sales Team at 1-888-843-0425 or

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