October was an outstanding month for the Nissan Parts & Accessories Online program! Thanks to your support and the Fall Car Care Promotion, we hit $1 million in combined program sales for the first time in program history. To celebrate further, we set a new monthly sales record for Nissan. 

Let's keep the momentum going. In this month's newsletter, we share how to make the most of the upcoming holiday shopping season. Plus, learn how to utilize the SimplePart Control Panel to add in-store pick-up options: an important customer service touchpoint for orders with hazardous materials.

Black Friday:


Make the most of holiday shopping, starting now.

As holiday shopping ramps up, stores need to make sure they’re ready to make the most of it. There are a lot of ways to ensure your store takes advantage of increased spending this time of year, but we’ll talk about a few of the easiest ways below.

  1. Remember to take advantage of NNA’s upcoming holiday promotions. The first is a 15% off promotion beginning 11/16, while the second adds free shipping onto a 15% discount and begins on 11/23. 

  2. Remarket your store to encourage customer loyalty. An easy way to incorporate remarketing into your store’s plan is to consider shipping orders with coupons to encourage repeat customers. 

  3. Lastly, spread the word! SimplePart will be providing downloadable social media images that dealers can use in their holiday marketing to customers. Whether you want to tweet an image or post about your store on Facebook, you can find just what you need by clicking here.

Tips & tricks to help you sell more:


Provide an in-store pickup option to customers buying products with hazardous materials.

Some products, like batteries or fluids, contain materials that are not permitted to be shipped in the United States. If your dealership sells items that contain potentially hazardous materials, it’s essential that you clarify to the customer that they can still pick up items in-store, even if they cannot get them shipped to their door. 

This practice helps your store avoid shipping errors and gives local customers the opportunity to see your team and your parts counter in person. Luckily, it’s easy to toggle this option in the SimplePart Control Panel; we’ll walk you through the process below.

From your Control Panel homepage, enter the product number of the item you wish to update in the product search bar at the top of the screen. This will lead you to that product’s Edit Product screen, where you can edit or add various information you’d like customers to see regarding a product.  

At the bottom of this page, you should see the sections where you can toggle whether or not a product contains hazardous material and whether a product is available for local pickup only.
After that, you simply need to toggle the icon so that it shows up as blue, click “save,” and that’s it; that product will now show customers who use your site that they’ll need to pick up the item from your store in person. Want to offer even more? Offer curbside pickup for a greater customer experience.

If you have questions about the Control Panel or anything else, please reach out to the SimplePart Support team at
Ready to take advantage of these features and other tips to help you boost your sales? Partner with SimplePart by reaching out to our Sales Team at
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Data as of 11/5/2020

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