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FUELSTREAM Newsletter Nr 45 - 5 things you must get right in your convenience store (PART 1)

5 Critical things you must get right in your convenience store (PART 1)

Whenever we do Dealer training we always remind Dealers to get "back to basics". You can invest, market, advertise, rebuild, revamp all you like but if the basics are not in place, you won't see much change in your volumes and turnovers.

Here are 5 basics: (Look out for the next newsletter for another 5)
  1. Keep testing - you can never assume that you are your customer, or that you know what they think. You need to be testing all the time.
    • Note: Here are some things to test: What's the best script for your cashiers to use when speaking to customers? What's the best way to merchandise your promotions to get customers attention? What's the best combination of products cashiers can suggest when upselling?
  2. Get feedback - You can do this with simple survey forms or even a manager with a notepad asking customers questions. Apart from the valuable information you will get, customers appreciate it when you ask them what they think.
    • Note: Here are some questions to consider: What can we do to make your purchase more convenient? Rate our cashiers service? What do you think of our latest promotion display?
  3. Keep it clean - There are few things more important to customers than cleanliness. Research has shown it's one of the main issues that drive loyalty.
    • Note: Consider the following: How clean is your cleaning equipment? How can you show customers you're constantly cleaning? Most importantly, are you doing everything you possibly can to keep your toilets clean?
  4. Out of stocks - You can't sell something you don't have. Often we get so caught up in other areas of the business we forget to make 100% sure that we're in stock.
    • Note: Don't ever assume that things are running smoothly. Remember the Pareto principle - 20% of your items provide you with 80% of your turnover. Make sure you are never, ever out of stock on those 20% items. AND, that they are in perfect condition i.e. perfect temperature, perfectly clean, perfectly priced.
VIDEOS: Safety & Security
Check out the dozens of Safety & Security videos we've posted on our website. Use them to train your staff. Click below to view the videos:
Workplace Skills Plans and the impact on your BEE scorecard
  • The Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) / Annual Training Report (ATR) submission deadline has been extended 31 May 2017. If you need help to submit or have questions about your WSP or ATR, contact Cornelia Fechter at 012 804 5066 or email her at
    • Note: Our service fees for 2017 remain unchanged from 2016
  • Should you wish to obtain a BEE certificate on the amended codes, you will need to submit your WSP / ATR documents to the relevant SETA. If not submitted your company cannot be rated on the Skills Development element on your BEE scorecard. Your company will lose points and will discounted by 1 level.

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