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  • Sleeping on duty FEEDBACK
  • Drive Off Incidents
  • VIDEO: Diesel & Petrol Engine

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Sleeping on duty - FEEDBACK

Wow! What a response. Thank you to everyone who clicked on the link to the form to submit their feedback and opinion.

We had given a scenario where the attendant was sleeping on duty and "refused" to assist a customer when called by the security guard.

Here are the results:

  • 35% of you recommended that the employee receive a Warning Letter
  • 45% of you recommended that the employee should be given a Final Written Warning for the first offence and a Disciplinary Hearing for the second offence
  • 20% of you recommended that the employee receive notice of a Disciplinary hearing
Quite a difference in opinion. If you would like to add your recommendation click HERE to complete the survey.

Whatever your code of conduct stipulates at your site, keep the following in mind:
  • Disciplinary steps should be applied fairly and consistently; that's where your Code of Conduct comes in. It provides a point of reference for your disciplinary process.
  • When giving an employee a warning letter, you should make the employee aware of the possible consequences of another transgression. I.e. what will happen if the employee does it again. Sometimes, we give the warning letter, but forget to "warn" the employee and making sure the employee understands.
  • Every transgression will have mitigating and aggravating circumstances which may affect the final sanction. Make sure that the employee understands this. E.g. in the sleeping on duty example we noted, the employee refuses to help the customer. Obviously that is an aggravating circumstance which will require a more serious sanction from the company than if the employee had apologized and immediately gone to help the customer.
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Drive off incidents

There have been a number of recent incidents wherein the attendant was hurt or forecourt equipment was damaged due to a drive off by the customer. In some of these cases it could possibly have been avoided if the attendant and customer had communicated more clearly with each other.

Here are 3 things you should remind attendants of:
  1. Nowadays, customers are more distracted than ever and it is common to see customers on the forecourt or in their vehicles taking out their cell phones to check messages or social media, whilst waiting for the fuel to be dispensed. It is important to make attendants aware of this trend and to remind them to keep the customer informed of what's happening.
  2. Remind attendants that the first click of the nozzle may prompt a customer to look up and mistake the sound for the closing of the petrol cap, instead of the automatic stop of the nozzle.
  3. Lastly, make attendants aware that if a customer drives off and the nozzle is still in the fuel tank it could break off, or recoil (fly out) and possibly injure the attendant or someone else; there could be a fuel spill and also a fire.
This video is an excellent explanation of the difference between a Petrol and Diesel engine.

Diesel & Petrol Engine Video

Consider the following:

  • The video shows the difference between the two engines
  • It also highlights the impact of Diesel in a Petrol engine and Petrol in a Diesel engine
  • Feel free to show this video to your staff
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