This new version of Ambroise Pro feature fully new italics, new weights and many other new glyphs!
Ambroise isn't a strict revival of Didot
Ambroise Pro brought back to life: Fifteen years in the making!
Originally published in 2001, this brand new revision of Ambroise, — including new italics — has taken 15 years! Ambroise Pro now available in 28 fonts & 3 widths is a contemporary interpretation of various typefaces belonging to Didot’s late style. Enjoy!
→ The 28 new Ambroise OpenType fonts are available in our exclusive PRO version.
→ Ambroise is available in our exclusive Try-out version.

→ Download the Ambroise specimen in pdf format for full details of these Advanced typography functions.
Ambroise: Learning to unlearn
It seemed appropriate to explain the process to young generations of type designers and to introduce to type users a little glimpse of Typofonderie everyday world.

The Ambroise project started in the summer of 2000. The first goal of Jean François Porchez was to complete his initial training. Why? He quickly felt the limits in his range of style. In the years 1980-90 the French tradition of learning type design was based on the use of a calligraphy nib pen and the ensuing humanist typefaces from Jenson to Garamond, etc. It became logically possible to draw a multitude of styles: serif variations, contrasts, from slab serif to sans serif, etc. Nevertheless they remained influenced by the humanist footprint.
Ambroise: Renaissance
Drawing Ambroise was also a way of addressing a different process: using historical sources (scarce even in 2000-2001) rather than using writing or starting an original design without direct formal reference. The history of Didots is complex, to better understand the history of Ambroise, at least a few references to the Didot’s history provides some clarity. Where to start when exploring the Didot story? From Romain du Roi or Fournier, as strategic roots? For the sake of brevity, on the gazette, we started with: Gillé, then Didot family and Vibert punchcutter…

In parallel, the designs of Ambroise required a complete overhaul thanks to the progression of technology. It had finally become possible to finalise certain details correctly. It was long and hard: what degree of retouching to achieve? To reconstruct or gently clean? Obviously the characteristic shapes of g, k, y marking the Ambroise had to be accompanied by more conventional alternatives. This was achieved with the introduction of variants g, k, more acceptable in certain contexts and uses.

In the spring of 2016, the family finally came to life. Very quickly, the need to produce extrapolations to affirm extremes required us to redraw a new set of masters. The delicacy of the rounded endings was at every moment subject to unlikely mathematical interpretations. The last step started few months later: Using variants and widths imagined in 2001 to increase the possibilities of vignettes was deployed to new vignettes and borders.

→ Read more on the Gazette!
As a tradition, at Typofonderie, we test a typeface family on various applications, using existing designs. It’s the final part of any project and it’s great fun for us.

→ See more Ambroise in use
Ambroise in use
Ambroise in use
Ambroise in use

The Ambroise fonts are available in our PRO (exclusive), STD, Epub versions. Download the Ambroise specimen in pdf format for full details of these Advanced typography functions.

→ From € 45 to € 55 for any Ambroise styles
→ From € 119 to € 146 for the Ambroise Family of 4 fonts
→ From € 712 to € 872 for the Ambroise Full Family of 28 fonts


Ambroise Try out version!
Ambroise OpenType Full Family of 28 fonts is available in Try-out format: This license solely grants you rights for preparatory works, evaluation and internal testings and must only be used by the licensed owner. Neither production, nor final sketch, nor final artwork are permitted. The Try-Out version includes capitals but H replaces R, Z. For the minuscules, n replaces h, u. For the figures, 6 replaces 3, 9. Minimal punctuation includes ,.-

→ Download for free the Ambroise Full Family of 18 fonts in Try-out format

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