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Anisette, now in Pro version
Re-introducing Anisette, a geometric Art deco all caps 9 weights typeface, exclusively available at Typofonderie, starting at €55.


Anisette built around the idea of two widths capitals can be described as a geometric sanserif typeface influenced by the 30s and the Art Deco movement. The latest version of Anisette reinforces the initial idea by adding an outfit set of connected capitals and contextual forms.

Because of the benefit of OpenType features, the Anisette advanced typography is easy use in any work of graphic designer. Indeed, the wide and narrow capitals can alternatively be used alone, mixed manually since the early days of Anisette. Today the resulting mixture is provided by various context functionnalities, providing alternative settings. A simple sentence will be as diverse in its representations, as the number of Anisette variables available to the user.

→ From € 45 by style
With Anisette, typography becomes a game, as to design any title page as flamboyant as if it has been specially drawn for it.

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