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Prosaic designed by Aurélien Vret is a Postmodern typographic tribute to the french vernacular signs created by local producers in order to directly market their products visible along the roads. These signs drawn with a brush on artisanal billboards do not respect any typographic rules. The construction of these letterforms is hybrid and does not respect any ductus. Nevertheless the use of certain tools provokes a certain mechanism in the development of letter shapes.

→ The new Prosaic family is available in our exclusive PRO version.
→ Download the Prosaic specimen in pdf format for full details of these Advanced typography functions.

Aurélien Vret

A multidisciplinary artist as well typeface designer. In 2017, he publishes his first typeface with us. He currently works on a digital artwork production in collaboration with a digital art center Le Cube. This piece mix face tracking technologies and typeface interpolation software.

The influence of the tool is revealed in the letterforms: angular counterforms contrasting to the smoothed external shapes. This formal contrast gives to Prosaic a good legibility in small sizes. These internal angles indirectly influenced by the tool, open the counterforms. Disconnected to typical typographic roots in its elaboration, Prosaic is somewhat unclassifiable.

The formal result could easily be described as a sturdy Postmodern humanistic sanserif! Humanistic sanserif because of its open endings. Sturdy because of its monumental x-height, featuring a "finish" mixing structured endings details. The visual interplay of angles and roundness produces a design without concessions. Finally, Prosaic is Postmodern in the sense it is a skeptical interpretation of vernacular sign paintings.

Prosaic is radical, because it comes from a long artistic reflection of its designer, Aurélien Vret, as well a multidisciplinary artist. The Prosaic is also a dual tone typeface because it helps to serve the readability in very small sizes and brings a sturdy typographic power to large sizes.

The new Prosaic OpenType fonts are available in our STD, ePub versions and exclusive PRO version. Download the Prosaic specimen in pdf format for full details of these Advanced typography functions.

→ € 45 – € 55 for any of Prosaic styles STD or PRO
→ € 119 – € 146 for the Prosaic Family of 4 fonts STD or PRO
→ € 466 – € 569 for the Prosaic Full Family of 18 fonts STD or PRO

Project: Homage to Spassky Fischer identity of the Mac Val.
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Project: Cover version of Cars Craft magazine.
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Project: Homage to Kayne West album: The Life of Pablo, 2016.
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prosaic: try now!
We're very pleased to announce that the Prosaic OpenType Full Family of 18 fonts is available in Try-out format: This license solely grants you the rights for preparatory works, evaluation and internal testings and must only be used by the licensed owner. Neither production, nor final sketch, nor final artwork are permitted.

The Try-Out version includes only capitals but H replaces R, Z. For the minuscules, n replaces h, u. For the figures, 6 replaces 3, 9. Minimal punctuation includes ,.-
Prosaic free fonts
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