PS Fournier, a French classic revived by Stéphane Elbaz
PS Fournier, a new exclusive Typofonderie typeface by Stéphane Elbaz
PS Fournier is a tribute to Pierre Simon Fournier, the prolific Parisian type designer. PS Fournier, designed by Stéphane Elbaz admirably represents the leading-edge of the transition to the modern era typography, probably one of the most iconic incarnation of what would be called today the French transitional style. PS Fournier type family propose romans and italics in 42 styles, 3 optical sizes ranging from light to black to accommodate a diverse uses.
PS Fournier is available in our exclusive PRO version. 
PS Fournier is available in our exclusive Try-out version. 

→ Download the PS Fournier specimen in pdf format for full details of these Advanced typography functions.
PS Fournier, a tribute to the French modern typography era
The 42 styles of the new PS Fournier family include romans and italics, with weights ranging from Light to Black, and 3 optical sizes to accommodate a large diversity of uses. With a close look at the family, one finds you’ll find that the difference between the optical sizes (Petit, standard and Grand) is more than a contrast variation between the thin and the thick, but declines a palette of distinct tones: More streamlined and robust in the smaller sizes (Petit), more refined and detailed in the larger sizes (Grand).
The Pierre Simon Fournier heritage
Fournier was the prolific Parisian type designer whose work is best known for its iconic representation of French transitional style. PS Fournier successfully elegantly represents the transition to the modern era of typography. Featuring three optical sizes, PS Fournier is designed to perform in any context.

PS Fournier global family is a versatile alternative to the Modern typefaces commonly used in the publishing industry. The optical sizes, the large range of weights, and the design variations make this family adaptable to captions, paragraphs, and pages, as well as to large texts and displays.
PS Fournier in use
As a tradition, at Typofonderie, we test a new typeface family on various applications, using existing designs. It's the final part of any project and it's great fun for us. See more PS Fournier in use.
PS Fournier: Availability of the new typeface family
The new PS Fournier OpenType fonts designed by Stéphane Elbaz, are available in our exclusive PRO version. Download the PS Fournier specimen in pdf format for full details of these Advanced typography functions.

→ € 55 for any of PS Fournier styles
→ € 146 for the PS Fournier or PS Fournier Petit or PS Fournier Grand mini Family of 4 fonts
→ € 448 for the PS Fournier or PS Fournier Petit or PS Fournier Grand Family of 14 fonts
→ € 1295 for the PS Fournier Full Family of 42 fonts

PS Fournier: Download the Try-out version now!
For the first time, we’re very pleased to announce that the PS Fournier OpenType Full Family of 42 fonts is available in Try-out format: This license grants you rights solely for preparatory works, evaluation and internal testings use only of the licensed owner. Neither production, nor final sketch, final artwork are permitted. The Try-out fonts include only capitals, minuscules, figures and minimal punctuation.

→ Download for free the PS Fournier Full Family of 42 fonts in Try-out format
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