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Søkksa - A promotional video
by Emil Tveiten and Henning Solberg (9th grade).
The video above is a commercial for the brand new Norwegian product “Søkksa”. Søkksa is a combination of the Norwegian word for saw (sag) and the Norwegian word for axe (øks). The movie has been edited with Creaza’s MovieEditor, and has been showcased several places in order to promote the new product. 

The creators of the video, Emil Tveiten and Henning Solberg, won the entrepreneurial contest at the Innovation Camp for ninth graders earlier this year. This year is the tenth time the contest has been held, and the purpose of it is to encourage the participants to be creative and come up with ideas for products meant to solve big and small challenges in today’s society. As mentioned, the two boys have created a brand new tool, Søkksa, consisting of a combination of a an axe and a saw. The boys have been in contact with “Fiskars”, a Norwegian company that makes, among other things, axes, saws and other tools. It is also Fiskars that has developed the boys’ prototype. 

The jury’s conclusion:

- The winners were able to combine two existing products in a creative way in order to create a new and useful product. The contestants have consulted serious actors in the market, and the product was presented with integrity and credibility. The jury would not be surprised if they were to find the product on the market in a couple of years.  
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...that you can create your own exercise based on a Creaza product you have already made? Go to “Portfolio” and click on “My media files”. When you click on one of the files you have uploaded, a green button, which will enable you to create your own assignment, will appear. See video.

...that when you assign an exercise by sharing a link, everyone who clicks on the link will become your contacts? They will also become each other’s contacts. This is a great way to add your new class to your Creaza contacts. See video.

...that you can upload files both from “My files” under “Portfolio” and from within the tools. See video.

... that you can share your own files with your students when you assign an exercise to them? Just click on “Attach media files” when you assign the exercise. This feature is, for instance, perfect when the students are to create movies, comic strips or presentations from a school trip.

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