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Where There’s Smoke … There’s BBQ!
All the Support You Need for America's Hottest Food Trend

Across America, barbecue is catching fire. What was once a regional specialty is now showing up in almost every market and making extensive cameos on menus beyond the traditional BBQ joint. Barbecue embodies casual occasions and fun times, but in an era when consumers are increasingly intrigued by the foods they eat, barbecue’s regional heritage, ingredient pedigree, and slow-smoked traditional preparations give it tremendous appeal. While the smoky meats at the center of the plate may define barbecue, any true aficionado can tell you that key to barbecue success is in the sides. Click here to view a barbecue sides selection so big you can give each and every customer exactly what they want, with ease.

Straight Talk from a Barbecue Master
Multi-award-winning author, journalist, cooking teacher, and TV host, Steven Raichlen has helped shepherd the elevation and expansion of barbecue in America. Here’s what he had to say when discussing barbecue trends for 2015:
“Remember when sides at barbecue joints were afterthoughts? Wonderbread straight from the plastic bag? Canned three bean salads? The same connoisseurship that has improved the wholesomeness of our barbecued meats demands worthy side dishes.”
SOURCE: “Barbecue Trends for 2015.” Barbecue! Bible, 2015.  
Stir-Ins to Savor: Coleslaw

Get creative with ingredients you’ve already got in your pantry to serve up fresh, craveable sides! Here are two examples to get your ideas stirring:

Hawaiian BBQ Coleslaw

  • BBQ Sauce
  • Diced Pineapple
  • Crushed Macadamia Nuts
…for a taste of the islands wherever you are, brings the fun of a pig roast party to any meal.

Thai Peanut Coleslaw
  • Thai Chili Sauce
  • Chopped Peanuts
  • Green Onions 
…at home alongside Asian-inspired BBQ dishes or on any plate that wants some exotic flair.
From the Kitchen
Our chefs are cooking up even more new and delicious ways to customize our products.

Here are just a few inspirations we've enjoyed recently:
Fast Casual
Redefining the Way Americans Eat

Fast Casual is one of the most exciting segments in modern foodservice, growing rapidly and redefining the way Americans eat. With an incredible boom of 550% percent growth since 1999 – more than 10 times the growth the fast-food industry saw in the same period – Fast Casual took in $21 billion in American consumer spending in 2014. Such rapid expansion has been driven in part by a huge diversity of concepts racing in to meet the seemingly inexhaustible consumer demand, so offering an exact definition of Fast Casual can be challenging. The National Restaurant Association’s Fast Casual Industry Council’s definition comes down to two key factors: quality food and fair prices. As more and more operators seek to either enter the Fast Casual segment or to draw customers now accustomed to the Fast Casual experience, vendors who can deliver high-quality solutions while lowering costs will be essential to reach that same sweet spot that is poised to only grow sweeter with time. 

Click here for more foodservice trends.
SOURCE: "Restaurant Council Serves Up Knowledge On Booming "Fast Casual" Segment." Associations Now, 2015.
Collaborate & Win
Your Partner in Success
They say great minds think alike. Well Michael Levine, Corporate Chef & Marketing Director for New York-based Advantage Marketing, is undoubtedly a great mind. The youngest individual in the running for the Forbes 30 Under 30 List for Food & Wine and a frequent speaker on product development and school nutrition, Michael knows how to create the dishes operators want and need. “I always say our customer does not know what he wants from me because we haven’t shown him our new creation yet,” he says. Reser’s Foodservice is the perfect partner for Michael, and together we developed a whole grain wrap for the nation’s largest school food program in New York City and have a second product in the pipeline for launch later this year. Reser’s Foodservice has a huge focus on innovation and is always on the lookout for savvy producers like Michael so that we can work on winning collaborations and be their partner in success!
Q&A: You Ask, We Answer
Question: “What types of potato do you use for your cut potatoes?”
          – Chef, Southeastern United States
Answer: We have found Burbanks, Classics and Alturas to be best suited for the particular cuts we produce and process. The Burbank is the standard for excellent baking and processing quality and is a good long-term storage potato for processing. The Alturas are used primarily for processing and highly rated for its culinary quality. The Classic Russet is gaining popularity because of the all-around cooking quality. Reser’s Foodservice Cut Potatoes offer exceptional flavor and value for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
SOURCES: 1) Karst, Tom. "Classic Russet Potato Shows Promise." The Packer, 2011.  2) "Alturas." Potato Variety Management Institute.  3) "Russet Burbank (Solanum tuberosum)." The Potato Association of America. 
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