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Resolution Revolution
New Year, New Attitude

It’s a new year and once again health concerns are driving consumer attitudes towards food. Health is becoming an even greater priority for the aging Baby Boomer generation and healthful eating’s continues to be important to the increasingly powerful Millennial generation. A full 58% of consumers polled by research firm Technomic acknowledged that it is important to them to eat healthy and pay attention to nutrition. Respondents cited reasons like “feeling better physically” and “improving my quality of life” as the basis for their healthy food desires, showing just how deeply personal the quest for healthy eating has become. It’s an exciting moment for adding healthy menu options like fresh salads and fruits, offering an opportunity to not only give guests what they want, but to also help them feel good, both mentally and physically. Give your menu a healthful update and start the New Year right!

The Skinny on Healthy

$1 trillion
Estimated global sales of healthy food products by 2017.


The percentage of consumers willing to pay more for healthier foods.

SOURCE: "Health and Wellness the Trillion Dollar Industry in 2017: Key Research Highlights." Euromonitor, 2012.
SOURCE: “2015 Global Health & Wellness Survey.” Nielsen, 2015.
Stir-Ins to Savor: Chicken Salad

Get creative with ingredients you’ve already got in your pantry to serve up fresh, craveable sides! Here are two examples to get your ideas stirring:

Curry Chicken Salad

  • Curry powder
  • Raisins
  • Diced red bell pepper
… for an exotic favorite that’s great in salads or sandwiches and delivers the health benefits of turmeric.

California Kale Chicken Salad
  • Diced raw kale
  • Sliced grapes
  • Walnuts
… for a bold, fresh flavor in a salad that’s a meal and also the great health benefits of kale and walnuts!
From the Kitchen
Our chefs are cooking up even more new and delicious ways to customize our products. Here are just a few inspirations we've enjoyed recently:
Chicken Salad
Bagel Sandwich

Click Here to View
Potato Dill Salad Sandwich
Click Here to View
Daypart Focus: Lunch
Health joins convenience and speed for lunch

The average consumer regularly eats lunch away from home at least a couple days each week, and while those numbers are still down slightly from their pre-recession levels the lunch daypart is a great opportunity for operators looking to add additional traffic to their day. Convenience and speed remain key qualities for lunch menus, but consumers are also more interested – 10% more since 2011 – in high-quality and unique lunch items. There is also an increased desire for healthful lunch options, with 49% of guests reporting that health factors influence their weekday lunch purchases and 41% considering health on the weekend. The demand for healthy options is reflected in a desire for smaller portions, with 29% of diners reporting that they expect the option of smaller portions at lunch. With many working people bringing their lunch from home or simply skipping lunch all together, there is tremendous opportunity to draw in new customers with menu items catering to these powerful lunch trends, so revisit your lunch menu offerings and bring new customers to the table in 2016. 

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SOURCES: "Technomic Spots Opportunities for Restaurants to Improve Lunch-time Traffic." Technomic, 2014. 
Restaurants can still find growth opportunities at lunch." NRN, 2014.
From the Desk of...
Frontier Enterprises

Partner in Success
We've been using Reser's diced potatoes for over 6 years in our Operations. We are a "made from scratch" concept; and using the par cooked diced potatoes still allows us to state that we make our mashed potatoes fresh / in-house multiple times a day.
With a total of 21 stores spread across the State of Texas, it's always reassuring to know that we can count on the consistency and quality of the Reser's diced potatoes to allow us to serve our Guests fresh mashed potatoes and Country Style Potatoes throughout the day in our 24 hour restaurants.
Currently we have a new Southwest Mashed Potato in the testing process to be used in a future LTO.
To make the prepared mash "Southwest" style, we add 2 bags of [a roasted corn & black bean vegetable blend] to 20 pounds along with the standard milk, butter and seasonings. The product is fabulous!
The mac-n-cheese is the best tasting, fresh, ready to use product we've found!
Both kids and adults love it!
We've also tinkered with adding diced green chiles to the mac, then topping with panko breadcrumbs and finishing in the oven. Just one bite, and you'll be hooked!
Thanks for a great product!
- Jeff of Frontier Enterprises
Reser's has the largest R&D infrastructure in the refrigerated sides/salads industry: more than a dozen research chefs and food scientists in a dedicated culinary development center.
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