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Más de Cinco

Eating tacos and salsa has as much to do with the Mexican army victory Cinco de Mayo celebrates, as hot dogs do with the Declaration of Independence, but we Americans do love to mark special occasions with culinary celebrations. Mexican food has taken America by storm, particularly in recent decades, and has become part of the American food fabric. At home and at foodservice outlets, classic Mexican dishes shine on their own or blend with local culinary traditions to produce entirely new cuisines. One of the driving forces behind this great adaptability is the inherent versatility of the cuisine’s core components like tortillas – fresh or fried into chips – and salsa. Such staples create a simple foundation for recreating authentic flavors or building the new creations consumers love. The perennial strength of Mexican food shows no signs of diminishing in 2016, so for Cinco de Mayo and all year-round, dishes inspired by Mexican ingredients are a must have for every operators menu. 
North of the Border
of consumers surveyed by the Nation’s Restaurant News say they eat Mexican food at least once a month. 
Households with children report eating Mexican food frequently.

SOURCE: “Survey: Mexican food straddles foreign, US cuisines.” NRN, 2015.
Stir-Ins to Savor: Pico de Gallo Salsa

Get creative with ingredients you’ve already got in your pantry to serve up fresh, craveable sides! Here are two examples to get your ideas stirring:

Southwestern Black Bean Salsa

  • Black Beans
  • Roasted Corn
  • Hatch Green Chiles 
…for a fresh, southwestern flavor that livens up dishes or makes a great dip on its own.

Island Mango Salsa
  • Reser's Fresh-Cut Diced Mango (79453.17029)
  • Diced Jicama
  • Lime Zest
…for an exotic and refreshing taste to bring to the table, perfect for pairing with seafood.
From the Kitchen
Our chefs are cooking up even more new and delicious ways to customize our products. Here are just a few inspirations we've enjoyed recently:
Fiesta Nachos
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Chicken Enchiladas
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Daypart Focus: Dinner
Navigating shifting consumer demands

Once there was a time when popular advertising blanketed the airwaves and told us exactly what’s for dinner (hint: moo), but today it’s nearly impossible to pin down what Americans want on the dinner table. From culinarily adventurous Baby Boomers exploring new cuisines to daypart agnostic Millennials blurring the lines on what is considered a proper evening meal, dinner has never been more of a free-for-all. It’s an exciting time for operators but, as a wise uncle once told Spiderman, “with great power comes great responsibility.” While there has never been a better time to enjoy the freedom to experiment with dinner menu offerings, operators owe it to themselves to maintain a diverse selection of dishes – offering variety in cuisine, size, ingredients, etc. – in order to satisfy the shifting demands of consumers and keep them coming back for more. It’s easier to prescribe exact solutions for more specific trends like the American love of Mexican food or the continuing strength of barbecue, but here the best advice to operators is to seek out solutions that make it easy to remain nimble and keep their dinner menu fresh. 

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From the Desk of...
K&W Cafeterias

Partner in Success
My name is Bill Allred and I am assistant Director of Purchasing for K&W Cafeterias. I have been with K&W for about 10 years. K&W is a family owned business that started in Winston-Salem, NC in 1937. We now have 33 locations throughout the southeast from West Virginia down to South Carolina. K&W prides itself on serving quality food at affordable prices.

K&W, like many other companies is always looking for ways to enhance efficiency without tarnishing the quality of food. Reser’s has been an essential partner that K&W has been able to depend on since the beginning of our partnership almost 10 years ago. Not only has Reser’s developed a diced potato specifically for K&W which provides us with a more consistent product, but it allows us to save on time and labor. We have from there grown with Reser’s expanding our product line to include potato salad, macaroni salad and our breakfast houses buy their hash browns, grapefruit and orange segments. All products are always of the highest quality and our customers enjoy them every day.

Reser’s, like K&W, is a family run operation which speaks volumes on the quality of service that you receive. The quality of the product is one essential piece, but more importantly it’s the people who represent Reser’s that makes it such a great company and such a good fit with K&W’s operation. The continued alliance between the Reser’s family and K&W family is mutually beneficial in helping grow our brands and I look forward to exploring new opportunities in the future.

Bill Allred
Don Pancho Authentic Mexican Foods bakes 3 million tortillas every day in their state of the art plant in Salem, Oregon.
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