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The Power of Sides
Variety is the most important spice in your pantry.

More than ever, your guests want choices. Whether it’s their choice of side or the ability to customize a dish to their own tastes, variety is no longer an option, it’s essential. Unique side dishes can help you stand out, ensuring delighted diners and repeat business. And while adding variety to your side selections will help you ring up additional profits, it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. With the right products and a dash of creativity, you can harness the power of sides without breaking a sweat. 

Some Delicious Numbers: There’s plenty of profit to be had away from the center of the plate, according to research firm Technomic’s Starters, Small Plates & Sides Consumer Trend Report. Here are a few tasty figures that show why the side show is now the main event!
The percentage of consumers who want to choose the side that comes with their entrée.
The percentage of consumers who say they often choose entrees based on the accompanying sides. 
SOURCE: “5 Changes in menu direction for 2015”, Restaurant Business, 2015  
SOURCE: “Operators drive profits by spotlighting side dishes”, Restaurant Business, 2014
Stir-Ins to Savor: Potato Salad

Get creative with ingredients you’ve already got in your pantry to serve up fresh, craveable sides! Here are two examples to get your ideas stirring:

Baked Potato Salad

  • Crumbled bacon
  • Grated cheddar cheese
  • Chives
...then serve it all up with a generous dollop of sour cream for a side dish hearty enough to stand in as a starter.

Fiesta Potato & Chipotle Salad
  • Whole corn
  • Black beans
  • Chopped chipotle peppers with a splash of their sauce
...for a fun and zesty side dish that turns any dish into a spicy party. 
From the Kitchen
Our chefs are cooking up even more new and delicious ways to customize our products.

Here are just a few inspirations we've enjoyed recently:
K-12 Schools
Fighting for healthy solutions

School nutrition programs are on the front lines of the fight to ensure kids are eating healthier and while everyone agrees on the importance of this work, there are still many challenges to be faced in achieving this goal. At the end of 2014, the School Nutrition Association (SNA) released the results of a survey that revealed how many programs are struggling in this new paradigm. Only 18% of the respondents anticipate that their programs will break even this year and a full 92% reported that rising costs pose a “serious” or “moderate” challenge to their programs. All of this is happening while they seek out new ways to deliver whole grain nutrition through low sodium foods to meet the USDA’s meal plan requirements. Amidst this turmoil, partnerships between schools and foodservice providers are working hard to find the right solutions.

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Challenge Accepted
Your Partner in Success
Reser’s Foodservice is constantly innovating, finding new ways to help our customers achieve their goals. When a Kansas school district approached us about developing a new pasta dish that conformed to USDA meal plan guidelines, we jumped at the chance. The result was our “Kids Mac & Cheese,” developed through collaboration with school nutritionists and made with whole grain pasta. This delicious dish provides Child Nutrition credits for both grains (1 serving) and meat/meat alternatives (1.5 servings) and is available to all school nutrition programs nationwide. Just one more way Reser’s is your partner in success!
Q&A: You Ask, We Answer
Question: “Our students are always asking us tough questions about sustainability. What is Reser’s doing to be more sustainable?”
          – Janet, Madison, WI
Answer: We’re glad to hear your students care, Janet because at Reser’s, we’ve been committed to the land, our communities, and our people since our earliest days! Today we’re using the latest know-how and technology to reduce solid waste in our manufacturing plants (diverting as much as possible to recycling and compost), lowering our energy use, reducing the fuel our truck fleet uses, and lowering our fresh water consumption. We’re proud of what we do, but are always striving to do better!  Find out more by visiting 
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