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From Side to Star
Creating versatile dishes with Mashed Potatoes
American’s love classic mashed potatoes, but they also love updates on the traditional dish that incorporates new and exciting flavor combinations to create something novel. Mashed potatoes lend themselves to customization because they provide the perfect base for building new dishes. Operators are leading the way by moving potatoes from the side of the plate to the center, incorporating proteins and other ingredients to create a complete meal. Potato cakes featuring ingredients like braised short rib or smoked salmon can provide a foundation for things like roasted vegetables, braised greens, or even poached eggs. Mashed potatoes are perfect for the trend of selling complete meals in a bowl, featuring stir-in ingredients like cheese, vegetables, and proteins. While operators are full of great ideas for creating custom mashed potatoes dishes, customers know what they want as well. Mashed potatoes are an awesome opportunity to let them create their own custom meal, from a build-you-own bowl concept to innovative mashed potatoes bars. With so many ways to make mashed potatoes exciting, it’s time to move them off the sidelines and make them the star of the table!
Average pounds of potatoes consumed by American’s each year
Increase in loaded potato dishes on the menu
SOURCE: "U.S. per Capita Utilization of Potatoes, by Category: 1970-2015." National Potato Council, 2016.
SOURCE: Noone, Patrick. “Topped Fries Take Over the Menu.” Technomic, May 2016.
Stir-Ins to Savor: Mashed Potatoes

Get creative with ingredients you’ve already got in your pantry to serve up fresh, craveable sides! Here are two examples to get your ideas stirring:

Poutine Mashed Potatoes

  • Cheese Curd
  • Parsley
  • Gravy
…for a flavor that’s on-trend and deliciously comforting. 

Breakfast Potato Cake
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Chives
  • Crème Fraîche
…for a taste sensation that brings mashed potatoes to the breakfast table.
From the Kitchen
Our chefs are cooking up even more new and delicious ways to customize our products. Here are just a few inspirations we've enjoyed recently:
Cheesy Potato Cakes
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Mac and Cheese Melt
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Season Focus: Fall
Fall is an exciting season for anyone who loves comfort food, as the fresh produce bounty of summer transitions into the roasts and braises that befit cooler weather. It’s also a season of celebration, anchored at Thanksgiving, when millions of American’s will dine out on traditional favorites like turkey and mashed potatoes. It’s a great time to embrace those comfort foods and add them to your menu in both traditional and unexpected forms. Mashed potatoes are a simple way to add home cooked comfort to any dish but on their own they also create an exciting opportunity for customer customization, with a wide range of stir-in opportunities that customers can select for themselves. With the beach behind us and the temperature dropping, fall is definitely a season defined by eating, so make sure your menu is ready with what customers crave.  

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In October 1995, the potato became the first vegetable to be grown in space.
SOURCE: "Wisconsin Helps Potatoes Become First Vegetable Grown in Space." Potato Grower, 2014.
POLL: What is your favorite type of Reser’s potatoes?

Shreds (hash browns)
Sliced (scalloped)
Poll Results from Summer 2016 Newsletter
Question: If/when you went to summer camp, what was your favorite camp food?

75.0% - Hot Dogs
12.5% - Potato Salad
12.5% - Smores
0.00% - Macaroni Salad
0.00% - BBQ Beans
0.00% - Mac & Cheese
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