Introducting Taruba, Mythic Gear's first kayak-specific drysuit

Introducing Taruba –
Mythic Gear's First Drysuit Specifically for Kayakers

Taruba: full-featured kayaking drysuit from Mythic Gear

Taruba is a new drysuit designed specifically for kayakers. Featuring a tunnel (i.e., overskirt) and neoprene gasket covers, this breathable, front-entry suit will keep you dry, keep water out of the cockpit, and save you hundreds of dollars. 

Taruba's features include:

  • Deep tunnel fits over the sprayskirt to keep water out of the cockpit
  • Latex neck and wrist gaskets for an excellent seal
  • Neoprene gasket covers protect against cuts, abrasion, UV exposure
  • TiZip® brand plastic entry and relief zippers offer superb waterproof performance with great flexibility
  • Nonrestrictive tailoring for full freedom of movement
  • Breathable fabric that vents perspiration moisture
  • Waterproof/breathable drysocks keep your toes warm

You get all this for just $479 (US dollars). And it's covered by a one-year warranty and Mythic Gear's renowned customer service.

Ever since we introduced our first drysuits in 2014, whitewater kayakers have been asking us for one with a tunnel. It took us a while to find a way to offer that and other features they wanted at an industry-beating price, but we finally did it. Testing in waves and play in frigid Maine winter conditions proved it to the a great all-around kayaking suit, and we know you'll love it. Buy it here.

Left: deep tunnel (overskirt), relief zipper, drysocks, hook-and-loop tapes at ankles
Right: smooth-sliding plastic TiZip entry and relief zippers

Neoprene covers with hook-and-loop tapes protect the latex gaskets at wrists and neck

About the name: It's from a legend of the Guarani people, who live by the Iguaza River in Brazil and Argentina. The warrior Taruba was engaged to the beautiful Naipi. When the Serpent God M’Boi demanded that she be sacrificed, Taruba stole away with her in his canoe. M'Boi split the earth to try to stop them, creating the immense Iguaza Falls, but Taruba paddled right over them. 

North America's Best Drysuit Values

Sobek (left) at just $280, it's North America's lowest-priced drysuit. It's breathable, and it really works!
Enki Relief (not shown): just like Sobek plus the convenience of a relief zipper: $349
Kiwa (right): superior breathability and fit, beefed-up drysocks, reflective piping: $459

Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you:; 530-350-MYTH (6984)

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