Do You Even Packraft? Try it Now and Save.

Packraft - Drysuit Combo: Save 10% on Both

A great, lightweight combination

Have you tried packrafting? It's the paddlesport that goes with almost every activity, because the rafts are so light you can take them virtually anywhere.

Here's a great incentive to get started. All Kokopelli packrafts are available at a pre-order discount of 10% through March 31. When you buy a packraft and a drysuit together, we'll also knock 10% off the price of the drysuit. Your total savings can be as high as $143. (We'll ship the drysuit right away. The new packrafts will ship by May 15 latest.)

So, back to packrafting...

Weighing as little as 5 pounds, you can take a packraft backpacking or bike packing to cross rivers or to fish on the most remote ponds. It'll fit in your airline luggage, so it can fly with you on vacation or business. Store it in your car, because you never know when a nice paddling opportunity might appear. 

Mythic Gear sells Kokopelli packrafts, innovative, lightweight, and the best price-for-performance on the market. The Renegade and Hornet-Lite are all-purpose, do-everything rafts. The solo Castaway (in two sizes) and the tandem Twain are the touring experts, while whitewater boaters can choose from four different Nirvana models (self-bailng or with full spraydeck, each in two sizes). 

Our drysuits are a great choice for packrafting. At about 3 lb. for the average size and model, they're lighter than most regular drysuits, but toughter and more versatile than the ultralight suits made specifically for packrafting. 

Act now -- sale ends March 31!
Full line of Kokopelli packrafts
Important note on purchasing: You won't see the drysuit discount when you add it to the shopping cart and check out. The packraft discounts are in place, but the drysuit will appear full price. Don't worry -- We will apply the discount when we capture funds from your credit card. Promise!!

Drysuits for Raft Guides

Mythic Gear Drysuit Raft Guide
Commercial raft guides tend to be really good, and they love what they do. They must, because they're severely underpaid.

How does an impoverished raft guide stay dry and warm during a full day or running rapids, hauling equipment and playing nursemaid to folks who have never held a paddle before? Mythic Gear offers the perfect solution, with North America's lowest-priced drysuits. At just $280, the Sobek costs is about one fourth the price of most suits, and for $349, you can get the convenience of a relief zipper with the Enki.

But raft guides aren't always on the clock. While Chris Howe was more than earning his keep on the Penobscot River in the photo above, he was doing it purely for fun on Idaho's Selway River, below. On both rivers, he relied on his Mythic Gear drysuit for comfort and protection. (Photos
© Sarah Sindo)

Sobek Drysuit Rowing Raft

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You Won't Find a Better Drysuit Value

Mythic Gear drysuits full line

Mythic Gear has North America's lowest-price drysuits -- and we do it with amazing quality and style: From left to right:
Kiwa: top of our line: sophisticated tailoring, high breathability, relief zipper
Enki Relief: lowest price suit with the convenience of a relief zipper
Matsu: like Kiwa but no relief zipper. Clearance priced; only in Small.

Sobek: America's lowest-priced breathable drysuit, and it really works!

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kitesurfing Mythic Gear Photo Misty Johnson
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