You use your drysuit for THAT? + Sale on larger sizes

River Snorkeling - A New Use for Paddling Drysuits?

We’ve been surprised at the range of uses to which people are putting Mythic Gear drysuits. Wildlife biologists are using them during waterfowl and migratory fish surveys. Employees of an engineering company wear them while installing cooling systems in chest-deep river water. And we heard from a maintenance professional at a trailer park who wears one when repairing plumbing while lying flat on his back in puddles beneath manufactured homes.

Another unconventional use that we learned of recently is river snorkeling. We weren’t even aware river snorkeling was a thing, but Keith Williams spends hundreds of hours face down in rivers, wearing Mythic Gear drysuits to stay warm and dry.

Visit our blog to read the full article on drysuit river snorkeling.

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15% off remaining Sobek and Enki Relief drysuits in sizes L, XL, XXL

We're clearing out our remaining 2016 Sobek and Enki Relief drysuits to make room for the 2017 colors. All Large, X-Large, and XX-Large in these models are on sale for 15% off.

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Save $42 on what is already the lowest-price breathable drysuit in North America (Sobek), and $52.35 on the lowest-priced breathable relief drysuit (Enki).

The special ends Tuesday, 28 February, so act now. Limited to existing stock of Sobek and Enki Relief model drysuits. Other models are still available in all sizes.

Drysuits Every Paddler Can Afford

Enki Relief (left) and Sobek (right) offer surprising quality and North America's lowest prices for breathable drysuits. Both feature:

● front-entry, one-piece unisex design
● breathable fabric with DWR coating
● latex gaskets at wrists and neck

● heavy-duty bronze zippers
● integral drysocks
● hook-and-loop wasteband

● one-year warranty

Enki Relief: The comfort and convenience of a crotch zipper (covered by a same-color fabric fly) plus breathable fabric, one-year warranty. Limited quantities, L, XL, XXL only. Buy now.

Sobek: Same as Enki but without the relief zipper. True drysuit protection and amazingly affordable. Limited quantities, L, XL only. Buy now.

Need more info? We'd love to hear from you:; 530-350-MYTH (6984)

Who Wears Mythic Gear Drysuits?

Stand Up Paddleboarders

Mythic Gear drysuit
Sea Kayakers

Whitewater Kayakers

Whitewater canoeist in Mythic Gear drysuit

Mythic Gear drysuit
Kayak fishers



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