Sobek, Enki Relief drysuits back in stock in all sizes

Sobek, Enki Relief Drysuits are Finally Back in Stock

Sobek Drysuit by Mythic GearNorth America's lowest-price drysuits are now available. In response to customer input, we made this year's color "Safron" (bright yellow), for better visibility and to prevent overheating when paddling in hot sun.

What hasn't changed is Mythic Gear's quality design and construction, offering you the best value drysuits around and a really economical way to paddle safely and comfortably on cold water.

Sobek (above) is the lowest-priced drysuit on the continent, featuring breathable fabric, SCUBA-quality entry zipper and gaskets, and fabric drysocks that keep your feet dry and allow you to wear warm socks inside. 
Enki Relief drysuit by Mythic Gear
Enk Relief (right) is identical to the Sobek, with the addition of a relief zipper hidden discretely by a fabric cover.

Both are available now in sizes Small through XXL. We ship most orders the next business day. Order now.

(We know the photos are awful and the model is...uh...not glamorous. We'll have professional photography soon. But many people have been waiting for these drysuits, and we wanted to announce their availability as soon as possible.)

Kiwa Relief Drysuits Also Available in All Sizes

Mythic Gear's top-of-the-line Kiwa drysuit is also available in all sizes, Small through XXL. Compared to the Enki Relief, it features these enhancements:
  • more breathable fabric to keep you drier
  • heavier drysock fabric for greater durability
  • reflective striping on the chest for extra visibility
  • sophisticated tailoring for greater comfort and freedom of motion
  • Kiwa has a drawstring waist, compared to the velcro waistband on the Sobek and Enki Relief. 
Sizes Small and Medium are available in red. Sizes Large, XL and XXL are available in the Pumpkin/Gray combination shown. Order now.

Clearance on Matsu Drysuits, size Small 

Mythic Gear still has a few Matsu drysuits available in size Small only, for just $325. We're not planning to make new Matsu suits at this time, so now's your last chance (for a while, at least), to get this great breathable drysuit at an amazing price. The Matus is identical to the Kiwa, except that it does not have a relief zipper. Available only in red. Order now.




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