Enki Relief, Sobek drysuits back in stock in red.

Enki Relief, Sobek Drysuits Back in Stock

Sobek and Enki Relief drysuits are back in stock in almost all sizes, now in red. Get ready to paddle comfortably and safely this fall in North America's lowest-priced breathable drysuits.

Both offer bomber waterproof zippers, latex neck and wrist gaskets, a wide hook-and-loop belt to snug up the waist, and integral fabric drysocks. The two suits are identical except the for the convenience of a relief zipper on the Enki. With both, you get great performance at an unbeatable price, plus a one-year warranty and customer service that gets raves.

Not in stock are Sobek/Small and Enki Relief/Medium. They're on the way and we hope to have them within a week. Sorry for the delay.


Sobek (left). The lowest-price breathable drysuit in North America: Buy now. $295
Enki Relief (right). Lowest-price breathable drysuit with a relief zipper. Buy now. $369


Deals on Remaining Sobek, Enki Relief Drysuits - Size XL Only

Left: Sobek, size XL, yellow. Now just $229. Buy now.
Right: Enki Relief, size XL, yellow. (Yup, it's a relief suit. The relief zipper is hidden behind a same-color fabric fly.) Now just $299. Buy now.

Both feature:
● front-entry, one-piece unisex design
● breathable fabric with DWR coating

● one-year warranty

Orders ship next business day. 

Need more info? We'd love to hear from you:; 530-350-MYTH (6984)

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