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Two Ways to Save on a Drysuit

One for a friend -- another for you!

Get $25 off your second Mythic Gear drysuit. Whether you're purchasing two together or you bought your first one over a year ago, you'll get a $25 loyalty discount when you buy before March 1. It's a great way to get your spouse or significant other paddling with you in safety and comfort.

Likewise, we're offering a $25 bonus for referrals that result in a purchase. You can qualify two ways:
1. Ask your friend to tell us about you when they make the purchase online.
2. Discuss it with your friend, then send us his/her contact information. We'll get in touch with them, and if they buy, you benefit. (Please be certain they want to hear from us. We don't want to spam anyone.)

The small print: Bonuses and discounts apply to 
new drysuits purchased now through Feb. 29, 2016, including clearance-priced Matsu drysuits. All other sale-price, discontinued and refurbished suits are not included. Referrals must be communicated before or during the purchase. After-purchase notification of referrals will not be honored.

Mythic Angler Wins Kayak Fishing Tourney

Daniel Byrne for Mythic Drysuits
Kayak fishing guide Daniel "Pondboy" Byrne got his first drysuit at the beginning of 2015. He and his team, Trout Mafia, went on to win the world freshwater title in the 2015 Kayak Wars fishing tournament. Read how a great drysuit made the difference for Pondboy.

Getcher Sticker On

Want a Mythic Gear sticker for your boat, paddle, car or laptop? Just send us an email with your name and mailing address. (We'll add you to our mailing list unless you request that we don't.)

Facebook Photo Contest
Mythic Gear kayak paddlerGot a great photo or video of yourself or a friend wearing a Mythic Gear drysuit? Please share it!

Go to our Facebook page, find one of our Photo Contest posts (we're doing them every other day), and p
ost the photo/video in the comments below the post. The most "likes" wins $25 cash or $50 off any new Mythic Gear drysuit. Contest ends Feb. 2, 2016.

You Won't Find a Better Drysuit Value

Mythic Gear drysuits full line

Mythic Gear has North America's lowest-price drysuits -- and we do it with amazing quality and style: From left to right:
Kiwa: top of our line: sophisticated tailoring, high breathability, relief zipper
Enki Relief: lowest price suit with the convenience of a relief zipper
Matsu: like Kiwa but no relief zipper. Clearance priced; only in Small.

Sobek: America's lowest-priced breathable drysuit, and it really works!

Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you:; 530-350-MYTH (6984)

Who Wears Mythic Gear Drysuits?

Happy Paddlers

Kayak Surfers

Stand Up Paddleboarders
kitesurfing Mythic Gear Photo Misty Johnson
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