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Welcome to SeeMyCity's first newsletter, planned to be an update about our ongoings, blog features, contests and plans.

In this issue we welcome a new member, celebrate a 2 years anniversary and we have some fun new facts about Instagram that you might find interesting.

If you want to know more about SeeMyCity and what we're about you can find every thing you need in short in our ready made press kit on our media page.


SeeTheirCity is a new monthly interview series, where we interview talented mobile photographers around the world while presenting their city.

Last month we interviewed @nathparis about her city Paris and this month we present the beautiful city of Rome through the eyes of our newest member Nicolee Drake, aka @cucinadigitale on Instagram. Nicolee, a californian girl living in Rome, works as a freelance photographer and web-designer and we are very happy to have her complete our team of 6. 

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SeeMyCity's 2nd anniversary

SeeMyCity's very first adventure and project SeeMyAlmere began in February 2012. The project was a test to see if the concept and idea of SeeMyCity would work, and it was executed with next to no budget and a lot of motivation and effort from the SeeMyCity members.

2 years on, we've completed 4 additional projects, all with success, putting the project cities on the map as cities worth visiting and living in.

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Photos of the week

Every weekend we pick our favorite 4 city pictures from the #seemycity tag on Instagram and feature them on our blog.

These 16 pictures were our pics for the month of March. See our total collection of great city photography around the world so far on our blog.

Want your pictures featured? Follow us on Instagram and tag your city pictures with #seemycity. Don't forget to mention in which city the picture was taken.

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10 facts about Instagram

Instagram just published some new statistics about their app, stating they now have over 200 million active users. We gathered some of the most interesting facts about the app in this article.

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