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Anguilla Gets Its First SLIC

Bristol Travels to the Island

In 2013, Bristol Stickney, SolarLogic CTO, designed a combisystem for the planned construction of a 28-unit luxury resort on the Caribbean island of Anguilla. This month the SLIC controller will be installed with Bristol's oversight. The renewable energy heating system includes solar thermal panels and waste heat collection from air conditioning units. The heat will be used for hot water, laundry, pools and spas. Backup heat will be provided by propane boilers. The developer will see significant cost savings by offsetting the expensive fuel. The next phase of construction will include a second renewable energy heating system under SLIC control.

SLIC Turns a Long Drive into a Short Walk

Steve Skelton and son Adam Skelton of Malachite Plumbing and Heating installed a SLIC-controlled solar thermal system in northern New Mexico near the Colorado border. "The site is 140 miles from our office," says Steve. "I'm looking forward to monitoring, adjusting and troubleshooting the system from my desk instead of spending most of my day driving to do a service call. I'm saving time and the client's saving money."
SolarLogic Partners with Sandia National Labs to Advance Solar Thermal Hot Water Market
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