We started this journey with a plan to serve in Haiti for 30 days...
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To our loyal supporters

Continuing our walk

We started this journey with a plan to serve in Haiti for 30 days. After that we would head back to Nashville and settle in to our new home and go about our usual lives until the next trip. I guess that we should have known that our plan might not have been His plan.

We have been asked to stay here and continue our work. If you have been following our blog updates then you're already aware of much of our progress. The entire Pfamily has discussed the opportunity and, God willing, we want to continue here.

Unfortunately, we cannot afford to stay and work without financial aid. We are 100% responsible for all our living expenses as well as additional ministry expenses.

We have ALL shed tears over leaving Haiti. We have just started to see our work making a difference and leaving now seems premature.

I (Gary) who never cries, cried this week during prayer about this mission. Many people have voiced their concern about my music career. I am NOT quitting and have been writing songs here. The other night I asked God to please show me in no uncertain terms if we are supposed to stay here and serve or if I am supposed to get back immediately for music obligations. I woke up to emails from my core band members saying that they had taken other gigs and couldn't do my upcoming shows. Then, I received a Facebook message that 2 of my upcoming shows were cancelled. I got my answer. 

We have a CRAZY goal to raise enough funding to stay within the next 5 days! If it is in your heart to partner with us to continue His work here then please use the Donate link at the top of this email. 

Either way, our work here is not done and if we have to leave then it is okay. We will return as soon as it is possible. After crunching the numbers - staying here saves $3,000.00 versus leaving and coming back. That money could do much greater things.

We sincerely thank you for your prayers and support. It means the world to us to have you not only following our journey, but also being a partner in it. Click here to donate. 

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