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RubyIndia Issue#5

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Editor's Note

Hello Rubyists!

Its been a long time since our last post. We have been travelling and meeting some amazing people and hearing them reflect on building Ruby Community. Since we haven’t posted for a while, this issue consists of a bundle of nice articles from the past some days. Among noteble mentions GardenCityRuby just announced conference dates and CFP. If you haven’t already, do checkout the RubyIndia Podcast, and hear some amazing rubyists share their experience in the community.

If you would like us interview someone open an issue on RubyIndia-Podcast. For featuring your content on RubyIndia, do send us an email at contact [at] rubyindia [dot] org, or open an issue on RubyIndia-Web. Feel free to forward this to your friends if you find it useful.

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Decorator Pattern in Ruby
Decorators allow us to add behavior to objects without affecting other objects of the same class. The decorator pattern is a useful alternative to creating sub-classes. We will look at an example where we use subclassing to solve a problem, and then look at how decorator objects provide a better solution.
Ruby through Rails part 5: Bundler DSL
Sanjiv walks us through the internals of DSL implementation in Bundler.
My experience at RubyConf Brasil, 2014
Rishi Jain speaks about his experience at speaking at RubyConf Brazil.
Using Que gem with Phusion Passenger
Que is a background jobs gem for Ruby and PostgreSQL, an excellent alternative to DelayedJob if you are using Postgres...
The C42 guide to good code: 2 - Best Practices
These are the practices you should follow for robust and well maintained code...
Discussing some of the features of Rails 4.2
ActiveJob, ActionMailer #deliver_later, AdequateRecord, Web Console and Foreign key support are some noted features in Rails 4.2. Lets me go over them one by one.
RbKit- A new profiler for Ruby. With a GUI
rbkit is a Ruby gem that plugs into your ruby process, taps profiling data in realtime and sends it across the wire to the rbkit-client as packed messages.


Kerala Ruby Users Group Setemper Meetup
Sessions include talk on VCR, Nokogiri, Decorator Pattern.
Pune Ruby Users Group October Meetup
Monthly meetup will be held on Saturday, 4th of October.
Delhi NCR Ruby Meetup Group
Session on Managing your infrastructure Chef.
Indian Speakers at RubyConfs
Gautam Rege will be speaking at Rubyconf Portugal. Hemant Kumar recently spoke at Rocky Mountain Ruby.
Now Open (CFP)
CFP’s for Garden City RubyConf, Rubyconf Australia and Rails Israel are now open. Submit your talks soon.