An email roundup of Ruby News and Articles from India.

RubyIndia Issue#1

RubyIndia brings curated content from and for the Indian Ruby Community and friends. It aims to be a crowd sourced content aggregation of Articles, Blogs, Projects, Products, Highlights, News, and all things interesting, from the community.

Editor's Note

Hello World!
We are excited to present you RubyIndia’s first ever Newsletter. It’s been nearly a month, since we announced the release of the issue. We are happy to get things finally underway. One month is a long time in Ruby World, and lots of thing have happened since RubyConfIndia. Some highlights are included in this issue. If you would like to feature your content, do send us an email at contact [at] rubyindia [dot] org. Please feel free to forward this to your friends if you find it useful.


An Introduction to JSON Schema
JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation has become the most widely used serialization and transport mechanism for information across various web-services. From it’s initial conception, the format garnered swift and wide appreciation for being really simple and non-verbose.
API Versioning using Versionist
Why do you need versioning? - The reasoning behind API versioning is simple – to avoid breaking existing clients. Once you publish your API, people are going to start writing software that depends on your API.
Confessions of a first time speaker
Public speaking is tough. But its fun. One can enjoy the experiences and take away some useful lessons. Here, Rishi shares his experience of speaking at RubyConfIndia 2014 after attending 3 RubyConfIndia editions.


Indian Speakers at Railsconf
We had six Indian speakers at Railsconf this year!
Leena and Vaidy from Mulunus spoke on Culture of Continuous Delivery.
Siddhant, Nitin and Dynaneshwar from Techvision spoke on“Empowering Rich internet Applications(RIA’s) with Accessibilty”
Manik from Vinsol spoke about “Get more hands dirty on keyboard”
10 years of Rails + 4.1 Launch Party
PuneRb hosted “10 years of Rails + 4.1 Launch Party.” on Saturday, 26th April. There was a workshop on new features in Rails 4.1. And of course the Launch Party.
Rails Girls Summer of Code
Rails Girls Summer of Code is back this year. Apply if you are student, or jump in to help fund, coach or mentor the students.
Now Open (CFP)
CFP’s for eurucamp and Madison + Ruby are now open. Submit your talks soon.