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RubyIndia Issue #7

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Entropy and Broken Window
Ranjeet talks about Entropy and Broken Window theory and how it applies in context to projects.
Request Response caching using Faraday
Kashyap gives a starter walkthrough of HTTP Request Response Caching using Faraday.
Migrating existing cookies above Rails 4.1
Prathamesh talks about changes in session cookies and migrating existing session cookies while upgrading to Rails 4.1 and above.
Reading emails from Gmail using Ruby
Pramod talks about how to access user inbox messages from Gmail using gmail_xoauth gem and Ruby Net::IMAP Net library in your Rails application.
RailsGirls Pune 2014
Anisha writes about experience of RailsGirls 2014.
RailsGirls Pune 2014
The second edition of RailsGirls Pune event was an amazing day spent with some equally amazing folks. The event took place on 13th of December and it saw a huge turnout of around 150+ women from various colleges and companies.
Ruby 2.2.0 installation using Rbenv failing
Rahul writes about how he solved the problem occuring while installing Ruby 2.2.0 using Rbenv on Ubuntu 14.04.


Waiable Accessibility Code-a-thon at Pune
Hackathon for integrating accessibility support in ActionView, on Saturday 17th of January.
Mysore Ruby User Group - January Meetup
Mysore Ruby user's January meetup is happening on Saturday, January 17, 2015 at Qwinix office.
Now Open (CFP)
CFP’s for RubyConfIndia, RailsConf, MountainWestRubyConf, Ruby on Ales are now open. Submit your talks soon.