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RubyIndia Issue#4

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When to freeze, clone or dup in Ruby
In a fairy tale island called Maamu in Divided States of Fundia (DSF), there was this super successful Agile consulting shop that boasts itself of crafting high-end, complex, mission-critical social-networking software solutions in Ruby on Rails.
Learnings from participation in my first Open Hack
Mohnish speaks about his learnings from Open Hack held at Multunus.
How to: Override devise default routes for sign in and sign out
The article tries to cover overriding and customizing default devise routes.
Writing Unit Tests the Right way
Learn to write unit tests in such a way that when they fail, they can point you to the error and not just leave you in the dark!
Rails & Ruby’s answers to the Java world
We recently are dealing with a company which specializes in building enterprise Java applications. When we proposed to use Rails for a couple of applications they had a lot of doubts and questions. But Rails had a solution or answer to every single issue that was raised and our client was pretty convinced.


Kerala Ruby Users Group June Meetup
Sessions include Intro to Ruby, Presenters in Rails, Learn You a Tmux and Vim for Great Productivity and How to Use Machine Learning in Web Apps.
Banglore Ruby Users Group June Meetup
Monthly meetup to be held at Codemancers.
Indian Speakers at RubyConfs
Arnab Deka will be speaking on Modern Concurrency Practices in Ruby at Rulu in Lyon, France on 19-20th June.
Gautam Rege, Anil Wadghule, Prathamesh Sonpatki and Vipul Amler will be speaking at RedDotRubyConf in Singapore on 26-27th June.
Now Open (CFP)
CFP’s for Rocky Mountain Ruby, Nickel City Ruby and RubyConf Portugal are now open. Submit your talks soon.