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Console Your Gems: Add REPL to Them
When you are working on a Ruby gem or a Ruby library ( why you would have a Ruby library that isn’t a gem is beyond me ), it is always often desirable to have a Pry session loaded with the gem your working on.
Full-Calendar Rails Engine
A couple of years ago we integrated jQuery FullCalendar plugin with a rails backend. The plugin became reasonably popular and was being used in many Rails apps.
Shorten URL'S using API in Rails
In this blog we are going to create shorten URL's in rails application using API in ruby step by step.
Accepting user input in rake task
Recently I wrote a rake task in my rails project where I have to accept user inputs and do some stuff on that. I started with simple gets but it did not work.


Seminar and Inauguration of Ruby User Group in Trivandrum
IIITM-K, ICFOSS and Ruby Software, Technopark are jointly organizing a seminar on "Ruby on Rails" on 7th May 2014 (4.00-7.00 PM) at Malabar Hall, Technopark. Inauguration of Ruby User Group in Trivandrum will be done during the event.
Pune Ruby Meetup
The monthly meetup of Pune Ruby took place on Saturday, 3rd May, at Vertis Systems LLP. Talks from the Meetup
  1. Discussion on Ruby Simple Search by Santosh Wadghule
  2. Talk on ReactJS by Girish Sonawane
  3. Talk by Aditya Godbole on Coffeescript
Rails Girls Summer of Code
Rails Girls Summer of Code is back this year. Apply if you are student, or jump in to help fund, coach or mentor the students.
Now Open (CFP)
CFP’s for ArrrCamp(hope I got the number of r’s right) and Wicked Good Ruby are now open. Submit your talks soon.