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Shauna Overcomes Her PowerPoint Addiction

I had a fascinating experience last fall that underscored everything I’ve believed about how PowerPoint kills interactivity and audience engagement—and that by simply shutting off the projector you can reverse those negative outcomes. 

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Is Tom Mulcair a Q&A Hypocrite?

Perhaps I’m jaded, but in my world when people do exactly that for which they criticize others, they’re hypocrites. And Canada’s official leader of the opposition, Tom Mulcair, may be just such a beast. 

For the past few years, Mr. Mulcair has constantly criticized Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper for not answering questions. “We’ve asked the prime minister a precise series of questions,” he often says, leaving the impression that it is completely unacceptable for someone to not answer those questions. 

Yet in numerous media interviews I’ve observed, Mr. Mulcair does exactly the same thing. He almost never answers a question directly. 

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Sales Conference Eliminates PowerPoint, Saves Money & Generates Results


This past fall, I had the pleasure of working on a project that verified everything I believe about effective presentations in general, and successful sales presentations specifically.  

What do I believe? You can enhance your presentation success and improve your sales results by telling your story effectively, while minimizing PowerPoint or eliminating it altogether. 

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Crisis Management is NOT Crafting Messages

As a “profession” of communicators and public relations practitioners, it’s time we came to grips with an important reality. 

Crisis management (and, by extension, crisis communication) is not about crafting messages. It’s about influencing behaviour—specifically the behaviour of the individuals, executives and/or leaders actions or decisions led to the crisis in the first place. 

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Crisis Management for Communication Professionals

I have been asked by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) to conduct a four-part crisis webinar starting on March 9, 2015. 

The program is case study-based and interactive. It is designed to provide mid-range and experienced communication professionals with insights to effectively manage issues, emergencies and crises. 

Learn more and/or register for the program.

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