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Here's To A Smoother 2022

Namaste <<First Name>>, 
We trust that you are well.
To state the obvious, it has been quite a year. 
We really hope that you have all been able to negotiate through 2021 with clarity, kindness and confidence. I am sure that for all of you there have been unseen events, cancellations, upheavals and decisions.
Maybe we haven’t always been on top of our game, perhaps a little comfort food was consumed, a few too many TV series binged. All understandable, all very human. We are always doing our best.
With Ahimsa we stand back and smile at ourselves and those around us. 
With Aparigraha we let it all go of what is beyond us.
With Saucha we do what we can.
With Ishvara Pranidhana we listen carefully to follow our intuition, our truth.
And respect the choices of others.
Effort without tension
Relaxation without dullness
With that in mind, we look forward with optimism to a smoother year ahead.

Lightness and Love
Steve and Joleen

New Vaccination Mandate

We have been following the ever changing announcements for COVID-19 regulations regarding alert levels and what it means for the yoga industry. It is very unfortunate indeed that our trainings are classified as events and as of Dec 3 2021, events under the new COVID-19 Protection Framework, also known as the traffic light system, are not allowed to run in red or orange without the vaccine pass.
We do apologise, but in order to comply with the New Zealand Government’s rules under the new traffic light system, all students wanting to attend the training must be fully vaccinated.
We support and respect people's medical choices but we don’t make the rules. We are legally obliged to follow them until there is a change in traffic light levels or government policy. 

As always, with Aparigraha, we let go of what is beyond us.

2022 Dates Locked & Loaded

Having concluded a very interesting year of trainings amid lockdowns in 2021, we are pleased to finalise Asia Pacific Yoga training dates for 2022, and look forward with optimism to a smoother year. 

Trainings will be held in a beautiful, spacious, warm luxury home in Taupo. We hope you can join us!

200 Hour YTT Dates
21 Feb - 11 Mar (only 1 on site space left!)
25 Apr - 13 May
4 - 22 July
21 Nov - 9 Dec

2022 Dates

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

We are also excited to let you know that we are adding another 300 hour training, for those of you who want to dive deeper into another immersion. Our last 300 hour training in Rotorua was just so wonderful, a beautiful platform for people already teaching to learn, share and deepen understanding.

We were very interested to find that the usual internal pressures that students feel on their 200 hour trainings were quite absent. The natural nervousness that often accompany the student to teacher transition wasn’t there!! In its place in each student was a relaxed confidence, a willingness to express, support and share, and a clarity of what each student looked to deepen in.
300 Hour YTT Date
12 Sept - 7 Oct 2022
The cost will be NZD$5,000 for on site accommodation and NZD$4,000 for off site. 
We are offering an early bird price (book before 1 May 2022) of NZD$4,650 for on site and NZD$3,700 for off site. Past Asia Pacific Yoga students will also enjoy early bird prices, regardless of when they book. 

Group numbers will be maximum 9 students. 7 students onsite and 2 spaces for students who will stay in Taupo. Please let us know early if you are interested in this training as it is likely to fill quickly, especially when our borders are a little more flexible. Feel free to email or call us for more details.
Yes I'm Keen!

New Zealand Borders Are Reopening

We have some great news for overseas Kiwi residents and international students as New Zealand is reopening its borders in 2022!

From 17 Jan 2022, our borders are open to fully vaccinated travellers from Australia.
From 14 Feb 2022, our borders are open to fully vaccinated Kiwi residents from most countries.
From 30 Apr 2022, our borders are open to fully vaccinated foreign nationals.

This means that Aussie students are able to attend our 21 Feb - 11 Mar training and international students are able to attend trainings from 4 - 22 July onwards. 

Please see this link for full details as there are further requirements needed in order to enter the country such as self isolating for 7 days upon arrival. 
Travel to NZ

Introducing Malcolm

Our dear friend Malcolm (the guy in the middle in the pink shirt) is our Anatomy teacher, a practicing myofascial release and integration therapist. He is also a qualified yoga teacher with a long association with Buddhist meditation and philosophy. 
Malcolm has been on several of our New Zealand trainings and had also been working on Bali trainings with Steve for 5 years now. Malcolm’s understanding of the wholistic, integrated body and “feel it rather than know about it” approach is a door opener for many of the students on our Asia Pacific Yoga trainings. 
As a facilitator on leadership trainings, Malcolm also brings a great group-unifying set of tools that are well integrated into his down to earth and honest, self-disclosing nature. Malcolm leads by example, and we are very glad to have him here in New Zealand with us.
I often am overwhelmed with gratitude as to the beauty of this life that Joleen, baby Zach and I lead.
Sharing what we can with students eager to share what they know into the world. 
Passing on what we found to be relevant.
No more and no less.
Just enough.

<<First Name>>, we wish you a beautiful and abundant life. Remember to always practice yoga on and off the mat and you will find that life is indeed more beautiful.

Lightness and Love,

Steve and Joleen
Asia Pacific Yoga

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