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Celebrating The Yogic Way Of Life

Namaste <<First Name>>, 

We have reached the Winter Solstice. The days will slowly become longer as the Earth tilts delicately upward on its axis, lifting the Southern Hemisphere back to more light. What a year it has been, individually and collectively. What a great time to greet more light.

Tamaso Ma Jyotir Gamaya

As you know we have moved Asia Pacific Yoga YTT's South, into the Central North Island, specifically Taupo. We are loving it. A spacious and warm yoga home with lake views and so much clarity in the air. Baby Zach is a part of our lives and trainings now. Never a dull moment to say the least.

It seems that with every training what needs to be said, taught and shared gets more and more simple. The curriculum is stated in a more relaxed way and is therefore clearer and more readily assimilated. 

We (Steve, Joleen and Malcolm) love this journey of repetition and refinement. It is deeply calming and centering. It seems to have a life of its own as it adapts to the needs of each individual, and the energy of each group.

The power of daily gratitude and the ensuing ease of attracting what is needed is delightful, sometimes surprising, and often amusing.

And that is why we love what we do. It works. The practices work, and there is a deliciousness to Sattva.

Keep up your Tapas whatever that appears to be right now.
Stay humble and walk tall,
take time for some awe and wonder,
and connect with the inner and outer.

Lightness and Love
Steve and Joleen

Join us in beautiful Taupo! 

Our lovely yogi house in Taupo has been working really well as a venue so we have decided to finalise dates for our last 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings for the year.

And as usual, we keep trainings very small - no more than 9 people (7 on site accommodation and 2 off site accommodation), to provide a more conducive living and learning environment. 

Join us from 26 July - 13 August in Taupo!

PS - The house is super warm and there's even a spa pool for nightly soaks under the stars ;)

Or click the button below for the September and November dates.

YTT 2021

Yogi sisters for life

One thing we love about yoga teacher trainings are the lasting bonds of friendship formed. 

And for 7 girls on the last training, they will be bonded for life in ink as they all got matching beautiful lotus tattoos. The girls are showing off their tatts in the pic above. 

The idea came about when during the opening ceremony, all of us brought in an an element of nature into our sacred space as an offering. Jasmine chose a small branch of leaves which had 9 leaves on it, inevitably representing the 9 students on the training.  

Grace (who was a tattoo virgin btw!) drew a draft design of it with input from the rest of the girls and the tattoo artist tidied the design up. The result was a beautiful lotus flower with 9 buds below it.

Certainly a souvenir for the rest of their lives.

Tattoo Pics
Here are some yoga exercises to help prevent and relieve back pain 

Prevent and relieve back pain

When Joleen was pregnant, she discovered that lower back pain was really a thing! After some research, she compiled some of what she thought were the best yoga exercises to help prevent and relieve lower back pain.

Believe it or not, back strengthening exercises (and not stretching exercises) are what is needed to combat lower back pain. These exercises not only work for pregnant women but anybody who has ever or are experiencing any niggling in their lower back area.

The full exercise list can be found in the link below. 
Exercise List

Anyone for a 300 Hour YTT?

Several students have been asking us if we will be organising another 300 Hour YTT. A 300 Hour YTT is for those who have completed a RYT200 training and are ready to immerse into a stronger experiential learning curve. You will be RYT500 certified after this training.

We really like 300 hour trainings as they seem to be so much more relaxed. Students attend the training with the aim of diving deeper into their practice and sharing what they know without the stress that comes with learning how to teach which can sometimes be present in the 200 hour trainings. 

Let us know if you are keen for a RYT300 and if there are enough interest, we will look to organise one sometime early next year, say February or March 2022.
Yes I'm Keen!
That's all from us for now. Once again <<First Name>>, we wish you a beautiful and abundant life. Remember to always practice yoga on and off the mat and you will find that life is indeed more beautiful.

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Lightness and Love,

Steve and Joleen
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