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Dear instructors using i>clicker this semester:

As you wrap things up for the semester, we want you to be aware of the following:
Roster syncing problems

Some instructors have experienced problems when syncing their rosters: the i>clicker software is not correctly recognizing all registered clickers and thus some students are not getting credit for their clicks. There appear to be a variety of causes. If having an accurate record of student clicker usage is important to you, we urge you to do a Roster Sync in the i>clicker Gradebook as soon as possible to determine if you are impacted; if you do so and find that there are student names listed in red (for students that you know to have registered their clickers and have been participating in clicker polls), please contact us at so we can advise you on the best course of action. (Please let us know approximately how many student names are listed in red; if it’s only a few names--and you’ve checked with those students to be sure they successfully registered and have been using their clickers--let us know what those names are so we can begin the troubleshooting process.)

Minor updates to the i>clicker software

The i>clicker software has had a couple of minor updates over the last few months and is now at version 7.9. (If you downloaded a UCB-configured version and have not done an update, you are likely running 7.7, or perhaps even 7.4.5.) The updates to 7.8 and 7.9 are considered optional by the vendor as they don’t fix any bugs. (Nor do they fix the problems with synching noted above.)

You may, however, appreciate a couple of minor improvements:
  • Slightly faster syncing
  • An option to differentiate between zero and “ab” when you upload scores

It takes less than a minute to update your software: simply open your i>clicker application, select Help > Check for Update, and follow the prompts to update to the latest version.

We do anticipate another update (one that *will* fix the syncing problems) before Spring semester starts, however, so feel free to wait.


ETS Clickers Support Team

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