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April 2019
Living Kidney Donors Network

Record Number of Paired Exchanges in 2018 

Last year there were 934 kidney paired donations (KPD) aka paired exchanges, almost 8 times the number from 2007. 

However, the article I wrote, The Paired Exchange Conundrum that exposes the challenges those face with an incompatible donor still exist. Many incompatible donor/recipient pairs are not being told about ALL of their KPD options. If you have an incompatible donor, knowing these options could increase your chances of being matched with another incompatible pair or multiple pairs. 

There are three national organizations that work with transplant centers to maximize the chances of an incompatible pair being matched with other incompatible pairs. Being in a larger pool of incompatible donors is just one of the benefits these organizations provide.

One of the three national organizations, National Kidney Registry* (NKR) and their affiliated transplant centers do more paired exchanges than all other KPD programs. In 2018 NKR performed 66% of all paired exchanges. Since the NKR started doing KPD in 2008 they facilitated over 3,200 paired exchanges. For those difficult to match patients, i.e. with high antibodies, also referred to as being sensitized, NKR and their affiliates are transplanting over 70% of these patients and most are transplanted in less than 2 years.

If you have an incompatible donor and want to increase your chances of being matched, your first step should be to get registered with one of the NKR affiliated centers. Click here to see a list of NKR affiliates.

There are many other reasons for you to choose NKR. Not only has NKR been the leader in facilitating KPD, NKR has also developed many ways to support donors, i.e. reimbursement for lost wages, life and disability insurance and priority to receive a living donor transplant should they have a future need. To read about all of the NKR support services click here and click here if you would like to see data reports from the NKR.

The other two national organizations the Alliance for Paired Donation (APD) and the UNOS Kidney Paired Donation Pilot Program both do far fewer paired exchanges. You should explore getting registered at one of their affiliates once you are listed with an NKR. The APD does have a  program that reimburses donors for lost wages and provides a health and life insurance policy. UNOS does not provide any services for donors.

Click here to view the affiliates for the APD and click here to view the affiliates for the UNOS program.

If you have questions about paired exchanges, click here to email me and request a time to talk.

* Living Kidney Donors Network is a completely independent foundation and is not affiliated with any KPD program.

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