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May 2014
Living Kidney Donors Network 
Compensating Kidney Donors

The only way to increase the number of kidney transplants is through more deceased and/or living donations. There have been many suggestions on how to increase the number of kidney transplants. Two of those proposals have received much attention. One which claims it will increase the number of deceased donors is presumed consent, where upon your death you are assumed to be an organ donor unless you previously opted out. The other is to  compensate kidney donors. I'll discuss the compensation issue this month and presumed consent next month.

Much has been written, pro and con regarding the compensation question, but thus far no one has developed a comprehensive proposal for a regulated system in the United States. Iran has a State sponsered living donor compensation system in place. As strange as this may sound, they have a waiting list for donors. However, the culture in Iran is very different than in the United States.

An excellent book by Sigrid Fry-Revere describes the Iranian system. Sigrid is the only American to travel to Iran to investigate and interview hundreds of recipients, donors, physicians, nurses and administrators of their transplant system. The book is called "The Kidney Sellers" and is available at Amazon. 

For the post 2 months I've been working with a organization to develop a position statement on compensating living kidney donors. The organization is called the Chicago Transplant Ethics Consortium. (CTEC) CTEC feels that at this time it is ethical to do a study on compensating donors and is in the process of drafting such a document. 

What I've found in working with CTEC is how many difficult questions need to be answered to develop a plan to compensate living donors. Developing such a policy will be very difficult and there's a large group of people who find the concept "repugnant." They intentionally use this word because of the strong negative feeling it conveys. 

Here are a few recent articles about compensating organ donors, both pro and con.

Sally Satel, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and author of "When Altruism Isn't Enough" writes about "Why People Don't Donate Their Kidneys."

A University of Wisconsin doctor supports providing subsidized or free health insurance for living kidney donors.

A Nobel Prize winning economist from the University of Chicago and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution describe how compensating donors will increase the number of kidney transplants.
Wesley Smith is a lawyer and author and writes that the government should not compensate kidney donors.
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