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September 2018
Living Kidney Donors Network

Proposal to Have the Federal Government Reimburse Living Organ Donors for Lost Wages 

LKDN is a member of the Coalition to Promote Living Kidney Donation. The Coalition is a group of organizations that's joined in a common cause to increase living kidney donation. Josh Morrison, a non-directed kidney donor and representative of the Coalition recently met with White House officials to discuss living organ donation policies. Along with Josh was Alfred Roth, who received the Nobel Prize in Economics for the work he did in developing models for paired exchanges. Mr. Roth's work revolutionized kidney transplants.

The individuals in the meeting discussed several major organ donation reforms, including having the federal government pay all kidney donor lost wages and other expenses as well as developing a health insurance package for kidney donors. 

These White House officials have taken the first step towards implementing these policies, but much more work needs to be done.

THIS IS WHERE YOUR HELP IS NEEDED. These policies will require bipartisan legislative support to ensure that they are adopted as law in next year's budget. We need to do an outreach campaign over the next several months to legislators on both sides of the aisle to ask for their support.

The Coalition is putting together a letter that you could use to reach out to your legislators. If you would like to support the Coalition please click here. To read a DRAFT of a letter to your representative click here.

You will be contacted as soon as additional information is available.

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