Living Kidney Donors Network is a non-profit organization offering help to those in need of a kidney transplant in their pursuit of living donation. LKDN also helps those who are interested in being a living kidney donor.

March 2019
Living Kidney Donors Network

LKDN Outdoor Digital Billboard Campaign
For Those Who Need a Kidney Transplant

LKDN and Blip Billboards developed an outdoor digital billboard program that will increase awareness of your need for a kidney transplant. The following is a summary of the program:
  • Using digital billboards is just one way to spread the word. To be successful at finding a living donor you need to pursue many different methods. For additional Kidney Kampaign ideas click here.
  • Blip Billboards are inexpensive, there are no contracts to sign and designing your billboard is made simple.
  • Your ad will direct responses to a landing page on the LKDN website that has your story and contact information.
  • LKDN has developed a blip ad to educate the public about the critical need for living kidney donors. The LKDN ad will run concurrently where your ad is displayed. It will build additional awareness for your message and living kidney donation.
To see the billboards being used for the LKDN Outdoor Digital Billboard Campaign go to the LKDN home page: or click here.

If you have questions after reading the information about the LKDN Outdoor Digital Billboard Campaign please email them to me by clicking here

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Harvey Mysel

I’m a two time kidney transplant recipient and founder of the non-profit organization Living Kidney Donors Network. I started LKDN after my first kidney transplant in 2007; my wife Amy was my donor. I’d known about my kidney ailment, PKD a genetic condition, for 20 years. One and a half years after my transplant, I contracted a virus that attacks the kidney. I  was told in January 2012  I needed another transplant. I was very fortunate to receive a kidney from Stephen Liegghio in August 2012. To learn more about Harvey Mysel: Click Here
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