Living Kidney Donors Network is a non-profit organization offering help to those in need of a kidney transplant in their pursuit of living donation. LKDN also helps those who are interested in being a living kidney donor.

August 2018
Living Kidney Donors Network

When I'm In Need of a Kidney Transplant
How Often Should I Update Family & Friends? 

Most kidney donors didn’t offer to help or to be tested the first time they heard about their recipients situation. (If you are a kidney donor, please share your experience with me.)
Like most of us, we usually don’t act the first time we hear or read about something. In the advertising world they call it the Rule of 7 or Effective Frequency. Before we take action we need the reinforcement of seeing the message many times. I like the saying: Repetition Is the Mother of Retention.
When someone says to me: “I sent out an email to everyone and I posted it on Facebook, what else can I do?” For a starter, reinforce your message by sending it out again and again…
Modify the message each time with something new by educating your audience with information about kidney transplantation, your journey or your health.
If you want help with ideas on what to include in your emails then check out LKDN Tuesdays with … updates. You’ll find ideas you could use to send out a weekly email updating everyone on your search for a living kidney donor. 

Click here to go to the LKDN Tuesdays with... updates website page.

For more ideas on getting the word out click here or watch a recording of a LKDN webcast by clicking here.

TIAA Difference Maker 100

I am extremely honored to be one of three individuals featured in a video to promote TIAA Difference Maker 100, marking 100 years of “helping those who do good - do well”.

TIAA will announce the 100 honorees for the TIAA Difference Maker 100 on October 1st. Each honoree will receive $10,000 for making a Better Tomorrow.

After opening this link by clicking here click on “Watch Inspiring Videos” to see Laila Ali introduce the program and see part of my interview along with 2 other inspiring stories.

Upcoming LKDN Workshops

To learn more about the LKDN workshops click hereClick here to read the Summary of Evaluation Forms from a recent workshop.
  • Boston, MA September 24th - Tufts Medical Center. Date, 1:00 3:30 
  • Orange County, CA October 6th - Location and time to be determined
  • Chicago October 20th at Skokie Hospital,  Abramson Conference Rm 1st Floor 9600 Gross Point Rd. Skokie, IL

Recent Articles of Interest

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FREE t-shirts are still being offered for those who are in need of a kidney transplant. Click here to learn how you can order the t-shirts.

Some frightening statistics about dialysis, i.e. one-year mortality rates were among the highest in the world, 21.7% and data shows that dialysis patients will spend about 10 days in the hospital during each quarter. Click here to read the story.

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Harvey Mysel

I’m a two time kidney transplant recipient and founder of the non-profit organization Living Kidney Donors Network. I started LKDN after my first kidney transplant in 2007; my wife Amy was my donor. I’d known about my kidney ailment, PKD a genetic condition, for 20 years. One and a half years after my transplant, I contracted a virus that attacks the kidney. I  was told in January 2012  I needed another transplant. I was very fortunate to receive a kidney from Stephen Liegghio in August 2012. To learn more about Harvey Mysel: Click Here
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