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This newsletter was sent on April 6th, 2020.

Welcome to the Gosling Gazette - your new source of watershed information and entertainment!

Welcome to spring! In difficult times, it is more important than ever to keep our community connections strong. We at Ottawa Riverkeeper want to play our part, and we hope this revamped newsletter will help do that for the thousands of river-lovers like you in our watershed.
In the spirit of building our communities and pulling together, we are pleased to announce that we are joining forces with other great organisations across the region to share environmental content, activities, and inspiration. We look forward to this virtual gathering of tens of thousands of environmental enthusiasts like you, and we trust you will agree that we are stronger together!

Thursday, April 9th

Webinar on Ottawa Riverkeeper’s Citizen Science Initiatives

Time: 1:00-2:00 PM
Organization: Ottawa Riverkeeper
Language: English and French
Description: Ottawa Riverkeeper has been building a citizen science hub as part of efforts to better understand the watershed. We’ve worked with amazing volunteers to study microplastics in the river, recreational water quality at urban beaches, and more recently launched our pilot project to study the impacts of road salt on our creeks. How do these community-based endeavours work? Join us to learn more about the process, the results, and the behind the scenes of our citizen science research projects with a short webinar presentation!
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Green Drinks with EnviroCentre

Time:  6:15-7:45 PM
Organization: EnviroCentre
Language: English
Description: Join Smart Net Alliance for a virtual edition of their monthly Green Drinks event. This is a chance to connect with Ottawa's green community and hear EnviroCentre's Executive Director, Sharon Coward, talk about Ottawa's green economy from a small business lens. Please register to receive the invitation to the video conference application.
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All Week

Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board Spring Updates

Time: Updated daily
Organization: Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board
Language: French and English
Description: The Ottawa River Regulation and Planning Board website now provides a daily River Conditions Forecasts so you can be aware of what is happening in your section of the Ottawa River.

Currently, the forecast for water levels this spring is cautiously optimistic. The current snow cover and weather forecast mean that the levels and flows on the main stem of the Ottawa River will thankfully remain within the normal range for this time of year according to the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board.
Check the forecasts:

Green Business Workshops for Businesses

Time: Anytime!
Organization: EnviroCentre
Language: English
Description: A free online workshop series for businesses looking to green their operations. From practical tips on how to start your journey towards sustainability, to a deep dive into how businesses can reduce their carbon emissions through building retrofits and Net Zero building practices. Each topic includes a video workshop and downloadable resources including a presentation, toolkit and worksheets.
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Tracking ice-off observations

Did you know the river is still completely frozen in parts of the watershed? As different locations warm up at different times, the whole river doesn’t just melt at once. Tracking these ice-off conditions is super important, especially as we compare melting periods over time, and can show us how our climate is changing. 

You can help with this endeavour! Simply go down to your nearest waterway, and let us know when you see ice-off conditions. You can find out more about what ice-on and ice-off conditions look like in this blog post, and submit your observations with this form.
Submit an observation!
For example, Janine in East Hawkesbury told us on March 27th that “in the last three days it went from almost all ice to wide free flowing almost down to the dam”, and on March 31st Karl in Petawawa told us that “the river ice is mostly gone except in bays where there is no current”.
Meanwhile on April 3rd, Derek near Westmeath said “It's still very much winter here [...] The ice is still strong and good for walking, skiing, etc.” but mentioned that he could see the main channel opening up. 

Let us know what the ice is like in your corner of the watershed!
Each week we will feature a new interactive online experience for you and your family to enjoy! Learn about our watershed, protect your river, and have fun!

Invasive Species Quiz

This week, we want to see how well you know your watershed! Many native species call this area home. There are also non-native species that have been introduced and now have catastrophic effects on the environment.

Check out this quiz and see if you can identify the species and tell us which are native or non-native!
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Finally, make sure to spend some time outside enjoying the watershed this week. As always, it’s important to remember that while we can’t visit each other, we can visit the river.

Because you know what isn’t cancelled? NATURE! 

Give us a shout by tagging us and using #natureisnotcancelled to show us how you are getting a little nature in your life!
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