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This newsletter was sent on April 20th, 2020.

In difficult times, it is more important than ever to keep our community connections strong. We have therefore adapted and revamped our newsletter, and are now putting it out weekly! Find out more about why we chose the name Gosling Gazette, and the thought behind this redesign.

Earth Week!


Time: Anytime!
Organization: Ottawa Riverkeeper
Language: French and English
Description: Happy Earth Week! Post your #TapWaterChallenge and tag us to have a chance to win some amazing prizes we have purchased from some of our favourite local businesses and river friends!
During the COVID-19 pandemic several news outlets have reported that many people in our communities have begun stockpiling plastic water bottles. However, research shows that bottled water is more expensive, less safe and more harmful to our ecosystems than tap water for many reasons. Ottawa Riverkeeper compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should say NO to bottled water back in 2015.
We invite you to toast the essential workers that keep our water clean and drinkable. That’s why we are inviting you, fellow residents of the Ottawa River watershed, to take the #TapWaterChallenge!

Take the challenge!


Wednesday, April 22

Earth Day Trivia Night

Time: 4-5 PM
Organization: Ecology Ottawa
Language: English
Description: Join Ecology Ottawa for trivia night to learn more about the nature around you and how you can help protect it! Both native plant experts and novices welcome!

How it works:
  1. Ecology Ottawa will be broadcasting live on Zoom and playing on Kahoot! Register here and you will be provided with a Zoom link to join the live broadcast. Open the Zoom link on April 22 at 4pm.
  2. Open (using a secondary device such as your phone is recommended).
  3. Enter the Kahoot PIN (we will provide PIN on Zoom).
  4. Enjoy Trivia Night
Please don’t hesitate to email if you have questions!

10 Ways to Protect the Environment during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Happy Earth Week once again! In an unprecedented time like the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are confined to our homes with few opportunities to go outside. Despite global changes to our lifestyles, we can still protect the environment from indoors or our backyards!

In the spirit of coming together, the environmental organizations of Ottawa Riverkeeper, CREDDO, Ecology Ottawa, and EnviroCentre have put their heads together to provide the communities of the National Capital Region and beyond with 10 ways to protect the environment during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Check them out!
Each week we will feature a new interactive online experience for you and your family to enjoy! Learn about our watershed, protect your river, and have fun!
For Earth Week, check out all the activities we have released so far!

Species-at-Risk Memory Game

We’ve created a digital version of our Species-at-Risk Memory Game! It features amazing art from Youth Water Leader Rachel Balderson.

Plus, after you play, scroll down to learn more about each of the endangered species in the game.

Road Salt Guessing Game

We created an online interactive guessing game to quiz you on your knowledge of how much road salt to use on roadways, sidewalks, and more.

Plus, can you guess what the results of our testing for salt levels in local creeks were? Try and see how close you can get!

Invasive Species Quiz

Many native species call this area home. There are also non-native species that have been introduced and now have catastrophic effects on the environment.

Check out this quiz and see if you can identify the species and tell us which are native or non-native!

Watershed Map Puzzle

Do you know what the watershed looks like? It covers 146,300 square kilometers, is twice the size of New Brunswick, and larger than many countries, including Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Bulgaria, Cuba, and Denmark.

Try your hand at this puzzle on our website, featuring a map of the Ottawa River watershed.
Earth Week is a great time to celebrate our environment and everything it does for us! It is also a time to both remember the need to protect it, and take action to do so, even from our homes. 

Because you know what isn’t cancelled? NATURE! 

What actions have you taken to protect the environment from home? Tag us and use #natureisnotcancelled to let us all know!
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