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A-G Policy Updates - March 2017
NEW Policy: Online Visual and Performing Arts Courses
As of the 2017-2018 academic year, UC will accept online visual and performing arts (VPA) course submissions for review and approval to fulfill the VPA (“f”) subject area requirement. The fundamental review criteria for online VPA courses are exactly the same as those for classroom-based VPA courses, as outlined on the A-G Guide. We encourage you to begin submitting online VPA courses through the A-G Course Management Portal.

UC/K-12 Science Alliance
UC’s Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools has convened a special committee of science and science education faculty from across our 10 campuses. Their charge is to review the laboratory science (“d”) subject requirement and offer recommended revisions, as needed, so that UC’s expectations for area “d” courses align with the Next Generation Science Standards for California K-12. The committee is aiming to finalize any area “d” policy changes before the end of this calendar year. Be on the lookout for policy updates through this Bulletin, as well as posted on the A-G Guide. If you have specific questions or concerns about the area “d” courses you are submitting to UC now, please contact us at

Tips for the A-G Course Management Portal (CMP)
Paperless Retroactive Change Requests
Gone are the old paper petitions for a retroactive change request. UC is now handling limitless retroactive changes through a simple process via the A-G CMP. An example of when you might need to make a retroactive change is if your institution has been offering a course for several years, but it’s not currently on your “a-g” course list. Your institution’s A-G Course List Manager now has several ways to complete this process:
  1. The last question in the “a-g” course submission form will ask if you need to add the course to a previous year’s course list (up to three previous academic years).
  2. On the home page of the CMP after you log in, select the option to “Add a course to a previous year” under the Existing Courses section.
Course Consolidations - for Districts
A-G Course List Managers at the district level can now consolidate their “a-g” reference lists, turning a list of many school-owned courses into a more succinct “a-g” list that the district manages. The process involves identifying similar school-owned courses and merging them into one district-owned course that you can then assign to as many schools as necessary. For example, instead of having 6 different Algebra 1 courses on your reference list for 6 high schools, you have one Algebra 1 course that is associated with those 6 schools. This function allows you to more easily manage the schools and their course offerings, and is an action you can complete that doesn’t require UC approval.
UC Curriculum Integration Conference

Teachers! Curriculum directors! Principals and administrators! Register now for the UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI) Conference coming up Saturday, April 29, 2017!


This year's conference will be held at San Diego State University, with a Pre-Conference event at Health Sciences High and Middle College in San Diego, CA on Friday, April 28.


The UCCI catalog boasts 72 teacher-created courses integrating academic study with CTE. Breakout sessions include presentations by teachers who are currently teaching the following UCCI courses:


Session leaders will share:

  • How they balance the academic and CTE instruction to fully prepare students to complete course projects successfully

  • What they did to prepare to teach these courses

  • What successes they’ve achieved and challenges they’ve encountered along the way


Don’t miss this great opportunity to network with colleagues and learn more about integrated curriculum and the services UCCI has to offer to help educators create and implement these unique courses. For more information and to register, go to:

Check out the A-G Guide, your primary resource for all “a-g” matters or contact us.
UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI) Initiative supporting integrated CTE and “a-g” courses:
Admission policy and evaluation questions:
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