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2017-18 A-G Course Submission Cycle - Feb. 1 Opening
The annual “a-g” course submission cycle opens on February 1st and closes on September 15th. Submit your courses early in Phase 1 to get UC-approved courses on your “a-g” course list sooner. The cycle opens today!
To review the “a-g” subject requirements and course criteria, please visit the A-G Guide.

Please Note that:

Phase 1 is between Feb. 1-May 31st and you can have up to 2 resubmission's,

Phase 2 is between June 1-July31st with up to 1 resubmission, and

Phase 3 is Aug 1. - Sept 15th with no resubmission's

Who's Your A-G Course List Manager?
The A-G Course List Manager (CLM) for each school, district, or organization plays a very important role! As the designated CLM, your responsibility is to facilitate the “a-g” course submission process for your institution, ensuring that the process runs well, confirming that courses are submitted to UC, verifying your course list’s accuracy, and archiving courses that you and your colleagues are not currently teaching.
For these reasons, keeping the CLM’s contact information updated in the A-G Course Management Portal (CMP) is essential. If your CLM leaves your school site, please update the A-G CMP with your school’s new CLM to ensure a smooth transition and uninterrupted communication with UC articulation staff. You might also register your head of institution (principal, vice principal) in the CMP so that they can pick up CLM duties as needed.
A-G Course Management Portal Updates
Here are just some of the updates and new features available in the A-G Course Management Portal (CMP) this year!
  • Notifications: Once you log in to the CMP homepage, you’ll see your Notifications box where UC posts timely messages for you that typically require follow-up action. You can expect to receive messages on status updates for a given course submission (e.g., a non-approved course).
  • Sharing Drafts: Under the My Course section, you can now forward draft course descriptions to any other registered user in the A-G CMP so you can collaborate with colleagues more easily.
  • Course List/Course Archive: We updated the look of the “a-g” course list and the course archive sections to provide you with an easier and more refreshing layout.
Paperless Retroactive Change Requests
NEW! Gone are the old paper petitions for a retroactive change request. UC is now handling limitless retroactive changes through a simple process via the A-G CMP. You (or your Course List Manager) would submit a retroactive change request if you noticed any course discrepancies on your “a-g” course lists within the last 3 academic years that need to be corrected. You’ll have the opportunity to indicate your change requests when you are revising an existing course, activating an archived course, or preparing a new course submission (i.e., you are submitting a course that has not yet been approved by UC, but once it does get approved, it needs to go on your current 2017-18 list and on last year’s list).
Spring Cleaning: Maintaining Your Course List
It’s almost spring cleaning time! We’re calling on all Course List Managers and other “power users” to log on to the A-G Course Management Portal to review your “a-g” course list and ensure its accuracy. If you find there are courses you are offering your students that are not appearing on your current course list, please submit them to UC so they can be added. If you have courses listed that you will not be teaching in the 2017-18 academic year, be sure to archive them.
Course list accuracy is critical because UC and CSU admissions evaluators are reviewing your students’ college applications and academic background based on what courses your institution offered each year. Your efforts are certainly worth creating a clear, academic picture on behalf of your students and their admission opportunities!
Check out the A-G Guide, your primary resource for all “a-g” matters or contact us

UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI) Initiative supporting integrated CTE and “a-g” courses:

Admission policy and evaluation questions:
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