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A-G CMP opens for 2016-17 year
The A-G Course Management Portal (CMP) opened for the 2016-17 “a-g” course submission period on February 1. Submit new courses, update your “a-g” course list and institution information, and search the database of approved “a-g” course descriptions.
Refer to the section below for more information on changes to the A-G CMP.
News & reminders
Honors course criteria revisions
UC faculty approved the following honors policy revisions effective beginning with the 2016-17 “a-g” course submission period and academic year:
  • English courses seeking the UC honors designation need only have one year of English coursework as a required prerequisite. Previously, two years of English coursework were required as a prerequisite.
  • Visual and performing arts courses seeking the UC honors designation need only have one year of art coursework as a required prerequisite. Previously, two years of coursework were required as a prerequisite.
  • A non-honors equivalent is highly recommended for any honors course to be approved with the UC honors designation. This recommendation holds for all school-created honors, Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses.
Elective (“g”) subject area criteria revisions
Beginning with the 2016-17 “a-g” course submission period and academic year, UC will approve courses in the college-preparatory elective (“g”) subject area that are specifically designed for the 9th and/or 10th grades. Formerly, elective courses were to be designed for the 11th and/or 12th grades, although students in lower grades could still use these courses toward satisfying their “g” subject requirement.
The A-G CMP has a new look!
Check out the new look and re-design of the A-G Course Management Portal (CMP), and let us know what you think!
Multiple institution/account users
A single A-G CMP account can now be associated with more than one institution allowing for users that manage multiple “a-g” course lists to use a single login. Click the “My Account” link once logged into the A-G CMP to add or remove institutions associated with your account.
Changes to the course submission form
Course content information (i.e. unit and key assignment descriptions) is now required when modeling after another institution’s “a-g” course list and when activating an archived course. If available, feel free to refer to the course’s previous submission, but please follow the instructions provided for the Course Content section as the original course may have been approved using a different format.
Single trimester courses
UC now accepts single trimester courses for “a-g” approval. In the new course submission form, select “Less than Half a Year” as the course’s length. A course offered over two trimesters should continue to select “Half a Year” as its course length.
Online registration for new institutions
New California high schools, online schools, school networks, online course publishers and programs without an “a-g” course list can now register online to establish a course list in A-G CMP.
The Course Archive
Schools, districts and school networks can access their institution’s course archive via the A-G CMP to view and activate courses that were previously approved, but are not on their current “a-g” course list.
Program & online publisher course titles
Courses adopted from a program or online course publisher now look a little different on the “a-g” course list. Instead of including the program’s or online publisher’s name in the course’s title, a note appears under the title indicating the organization from which the course was adopted.
Enhancements to the A-G Course List website and Course Search coming soon!
Improvements to the A-G Course List website and the Course Search section in the A-G CMP are being worked on and the enhancements will be released in March 2016.
A-G course submission dates & deadlines
The 2016-17 “a-g” course submission period opened February 1. All new course submissions, resubmissions and course list revisions for the 2016-17 academic year must be submitted to UC via the A-G Course Management Portal by Thursday, September 15, 2016 at midnight PST.
The High School Articulation unit will continue to implement a phased timeline to improve the overall “a-g” course review process. The course submission period is divided into the following three distinct phases
  • Phase 1 (February 1 - May 31): New courses initially submitted during Phase 1 may have up to two opportunities for resubmission if the course is not initially approved.
  • Phase 2 (June 1 - July 31): New courses initially submitted during Phase 2 may have only one opportunity for resubmission if the course is not initially approved.
  • Phase 3 (August 1 - September 15): New courses initially submitted during Phase 3 will have no opportunities for resubmission if the course is not initially approved.
All resubmissions must be received by the final submission deadline of September 15 with the exception of the first resubmission from courses initially submitted during Phase 1 is due by July 31.
Accuracy of your “a-g” course list is important!
UC and California State University (CSU) admissions evaluators refer to the “a-g” course lists when reviewing student applications for undergraduate admission. Admissions evaluators are seeking to understand how the applicant has taken advantage of the courses that are offered at the student’s high school. In considering each applicant in light of his or her local educational environment, the University is able to provide a fairer review of the applicant’s achievements “in context.” When schools leave courses on the course list that are not offered in a particular year, admission evaluators are unable to obtain the most accurate understanding of an individual applicant’s achievements.
Your institution’s demographic information
Remember to verify your institution’s demographic information each year via the A-G CMP to ensure the accuracy of institution, contact and accreditation information.
Upcoming events
February 1: Why and How of UCCI Courses
Tune in to a Google Hangout where guests will discuss how and why they have incorporated UCCI courses into their programs of study, and what attempts colleges and universities have made at incorporating integrated curriculum into college courses.
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