Business and Beyond: News and Views in January 2014

Congrats to Novus International!

Novus International received two great honors this month from NAMA - the National Agri-Marketing Association : FIRST PLACE WINNER in the AudioVisual-Directed to Trade or General Consumer Category for the Novus brand film, and a MERIT AWARD for the annual Novus Sustainability Report. We were delighted to support Novus in preparing this report - the third we have worked on with the Novus team. We are already looking forward to the next one - watch this space!

Don't miss SSR14

London, UK, 25th February: Elaine will be chairing the third annual Smarter Sustainable Reporting Conference which will include speakers and great case studies from top businesses, government and NGOs. SSR14 will cover updates on reporting regulations, new and emerging best practice and a whole lot more. For more details, click HERE. For a registration discount, contact Elaine at

Elaine's in the Top 100

It was a great honor when Elaine was nominated as a top thought-leader in trustworthy business by Trust Across America (TAA). TAA is a leading voice in all aspects of trust in business and recently published a book, Trust Inc,. which comes highly recommended.

Report Review: Alliance Boots

Check out our report review published in January on Elaine covers how Alliance Boots makes a contribution to life on the High Street, but fails to define a clear material focus in this 2012/2013 report from this giant pharmacy, and health and beauty retailer.

G4 Ready Analysis  
Get ahead of the 2015 G3 expiration deadline.

Beyond Business continues to provide many organizations with the technical understanding of how their current report aligns (or not!) with the new GRI G4 Framework.
This is proving to be really useful for businesses wanting to make the transition.

Sign up for a  G4 ready analysis with us and get a free copy of Understanding G4.

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Book Review: Ice Cream Social

Read Elaine's review of this important book by journalist Brad Edmondson about the "struggle for the soul of Ben & Jerry's". The book is full of information and anecdotal evidence supporting the fact that Ben & Jerry's actually did more for CSR than most people might have imagined. And that's in addition to producing great ice cream.

Report Review: BBC

Beyond Business analyst Alison McLernon covers the highs and lows of the BBC 2013 performance review, saying that it rather "scratches the surface of the brainprint" of the UK population, remaining at the level of doing good rather than accounting for impacts.

CSR in 2014

Elaine's 2014 sustainability reporting predictions were included in this fabulous round-up of forward-thinking views collated by Susan McPherson.

Green Businesses

Check out these top stories from 2013, including Elaine's pick of the best 2013 Sustainability Reports, as noted by

January on the CSR Reporting Blog

The Year of the Horse: Want to know what the Year of the Horse holds for Sustainability Reporting? Check out this post and you'll see some surprising results!
The Blog Books: Download five years of blog posts and comments all about sustainability reporting from the CSR Reporting Blog in 3 ebooks. Wow. And they're entirely FREE!
It's all about TRUST: Check out the intersection between Sustainability Reporting and TRUST.
Influencing the future of Sustainability Reporting: Over 50 quotes from sustainability reports entered in the online CRRA 14 awards. Time to VOTE!
GRI-IIRC-SASB- the battle for Sustainability Transparency Leadership: In what turned out to be the most popular and most controversial of posts this month, the battle and inherent conflict in reporting framework developments is described blow by blow.
Does your Sustainability Report sparkle?: Here are some insights about what makes some reports sparkle.
Honest Reporting: Check out examples from ten reports and the way they handle honesty. You judge.

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Upcoming Events

Feb 25th 2014
Smarter sustainability Reporting
London, UK 
Elaine to chair

March 25th 2014 
CSR and HR Conference
Zagreb, Croatia
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Transparent Reporting

We were pleased when picked Elaine's blog post about transparent reporting and used it for inspiration for a post all about reporting in a social media context.

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