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We did it! We got the kids settled into school and got the school year family routines back in place. Jacob has his place on the Travis High School football team and brought home some As already. Calob is the early bird at school who gets to help put up the flags in the morning and enjoys being back in the classroom. Fanny and I continue to pray for all the children and teachers to have a safe and productive school year.
Calob & his friends like to get to school early and were asked if they wanted to take on flag duty. They happily agreed. Fanny & I are so proud of their respect and appreciation for our great state and country.
Now let’s talk property taxes. Despite many, many new laws passed by the Texas Legislature to prevent out-of-control property taxes, your property taxes are likely going up. In this Briefing, we will tell you why and how you can still petition your local elected officials to prevent it. We get the calls, emails, and messages to the office and I hear it constantly out in the community, “Property taxes are too high and it's got to stop going up.” As a fellow property tax payer, I agree it’s a huge tax burden resting on the shoulders of homeowners. Especially right now when we are dealing with higher costs at the pump and grocery store. Inflation is out of control due to fiscal policies at the federal level. We can’t also get overly burdened by increased property taxes at the county, school district, or municipal levels. 

Back in April and May I wrote Briefings on property taxes that might be worth going back to and reviewing now. As property values go up, the tax rate should go down for a local taxing entity to collect the same amount of tax revenue. This is called the no-new-revenue tax rate and would result in little change to your tax bill from the previous year. Another good rate to know is the Voter-Approval Tax Rate which is the rate at which the taxing entity would have to put the rate on the ballot for the voters to approve. The Texas Legislature passed this requirement to ensure taxpayers have an additional option to vote down significant increases to their tax bills. 

You got your property values earlier this year that are based on the actual market value. Now it’s time for the people you elected to the county commissioners court, school board, city councils, and special purpose districts to set your tax rate. As they look at their budget needs, they are looking at the total taxable value to determine what the tax rate needs to be in order to collect the tax revenue amount they need to operate their district. There may be justifiable reasons for increasing the amount they charge you, but at a time of rapid inflation and an economy in recession, any spending beyond the necessities is unconscionable and any tax rate that raises property owners’ tax bills should be seriously questioned. 

For a fun exercise, let’s run through the property taxes on my home in Pecan Grove. As mentioned in a previous briefing, you can go to to pull up your home and see the different taxing entities, see the no-new-revenue tax rate, the voter-approval tax rate, and the difference in property taxes you’ll be paying. More importantly, it has the dates of the public hearings for these tax rates to be voted on. Communicating with your elected officials is important during this time frame. 
The first tax I pay on my home is the Fort Bend County Drainage District, set by the County Commissioners Court. The current tax rate is 0.0145, the no-new-revenue rate is 0.0120 (which would keep my property taxes the same), and the voter-approval rate is 0.012926 (which would increase my property taxes by enough that the county would have to let voters approve the increase). The County Commissioner’s Court is suggesting a rate of 0.0129. I had to expand the page to view the additional decimals, because the county is planning to increase the rate as much as possible, without giving the taxpayers an option to vote on the tax increase, by a margin of .000026. The hearing date for this tax increase is 09/13/2022 at 1pm at the Fort Bend County Commissioners Courtroom.
The next property tax is the Fort Bend County General Fund, also set by the County Commissioners Court. The current tax rate is 0.4383, the no-new-revenue rate is 0.3836, and the voter-approval rate is 0.4393. The County Commissioner’s Court is suggesting a rate of 0.4383. Again, coming in just under the voter-approval amount, preventing taxpayers from getting to vote on this property tax increase. This will bring in nearly $100 million dollars more in tax revenue to the county. The hearing date for this tax increase is 09/13/2022 at 1pm at the Fort Bend County Commissioners Courtroom.

The Pecan Grove MUD has not yet posted their proposed rate or hearing date.
The last one, which is the largest property tax for homeowners, is the school district property tax. Fort Bend ISD has a current tax rate of 1.2101, the no-new-revenue rate is 1.1248, and the voter-approval rate is 1.1546. Fort Bend ISD is proposing a rate of 1.2646. This means that if this rate is approved by the school board, it will go to the voters for final approval. The next meeting on 08/22/2022 is when they will be voting on this. I have met with and will continue to meet with the school board members to better understand why they feel the need to propose a tax increase in a school district that is not growing in student population. 
On our modest home with the homestead exemption and fortunate 10% cap on taxable valuation increase, with the no-new-revenue rate for taxes, Fanny and I would have paid $3,463.45. With the proposed tax rates from Fort Bend County and Fort Bend ISD, we will pay $3,906.89. That is $338.09 more for Fort Bend ISD and $113.62 for the Fort Bend County General Fund, totaling an increase of $443.44 so far. 

Your taxes are likely going up as well and it’s important to know why. It’s not the valuation that sets your tax bill, it’s the tax rate set by local taxing authorities. If you believe the tax rates are too high, now is the time to let your local elected officials know. 
Let us know your thoughts
Our goal is to communicate effectively, with authenticity and simplicity, so that Texans know what and why things are happening, and how to make a difference in their community. We want to empower you with the right information to make things better for yourself, your family, and your neighbors. Thank you for taking steps to be informed and share good information with others. 
Jacey Jetton
State Representative
Texas House District 26

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