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This weekend many families are celebrating the first week back to school, or getting their kids ready for those first school days coming up soon. I hope everyone back at school had a great week and feels prepared to learn and grow this school year. I am on my way home from a conference with the Hunt-Kean Fellowship, a bipartisan cohort providing research and facilitating discussions on education for elected officials from around the country. I have been learning more about education policies that work in other states so Texas students can benefit from what other leaders have learned. I will go into more depth about our findings from this conference in a future Weekly Briefing. First, I want to give you the high-level overview of how education fits into the big picture of our team and where we are right now in the legislative process.
We’ve been hard at work in recent weeks ramping up development of legislation for next year’s 88th session in the Texas legislature. Our office’s core goals are serving people, communicating well, and developing good policy on an on-going basis.

We’re in the process of drafting and reviewing many of these important policy initiatives and communicating with you all as we go. As a parent myself, I understand the families who tell us they want the government to handle its core responsibilities and then let everyone live their lives. Texas families want communities to be safe, they want basic infrastructure like roads and water to operate predictably, they want access to quality education for their kids, and they want to live where the economy gives them the opportunity to work hard and provide for their families. Beyond that, Texas families want to be left alone and allowed to make the best decisions for their own families.  

Our team is evaluating and drafting potential legislation on all of these topics. We also regularly work with our local, federal, and non-profit partners to find solutions to the concerns facing our communities, especially when solutions are not legislative. These projects include projects like improving traffic flow on Highway 99, expanding access to mental health resources, and providing safe, high-quality learning environments for our students. Concerns regarding education in Texas have grown over the last several years especially regarding teacher shortages, access for students, and standardized testing, but these concerns were exacerbated by COVID.

Our team is assembling an education policy package that will improve the quality of life for our teachers and let them spend more of their time just teaching kids, by consolidating professional development trainings, reducing administrative burdens, giving them more retirement options, improving the quality of their healthcare, reforming standardized testing, and ensuring they feel safe in their classrooms. This education package will also give students more access to mental health services and give parents more transparency and choice in their children’s education. We also want to give school districts more flexibility and accountability so they can make the best decisions for their constituents while tax-payers and parents have the ability to participate in the process and hold their elected officials accountable. 
During the interim, I also serve on the Special Education Funding Commission along with other appointees from the Governor’s office, Texas House, and Texas Senate. This committee receives testimony from parents, educators, and administrators from all over the state and country to develop a report of legislative recommendations. This report will guide our office’s policy proposals as we re-evaluate best practices around topics such as least restrictive environments and current funding models for special education programs. 

The House Committee on Public Health will also begin holding interim hearings this fall to fulfill the interim charges we were given by Speaker Phelan. Our team is evaluating how we can create more transparency in healthcare while increasing access to care, including mental health services. During the last regular session, the GOP-led Texas Legislature voted to expand access to postpartum healthcare for moms on Medicaid. This means these moms would go from 60 days of postpartum care to 6 months of postpartum care, ensuring better access to mental health services for moms and better newborn care for their babies. Unfortunately, the Biden Administration recently denied this request to expand care for moms. The Texas House sent a bipartisan letter to the administration appealing this decision. If the federal government refuses to serve these moms and their children, Texas will find ways to fill that gap in the next legislative session.
Access to high-quality education and healthcare are important components of Texas communities. As we consistently work to improve both of these in Texas, we also need to ensure our infrastructure keeps up with the growth in Texas and our law enforcement officers have access to the resources they need to keep our communities safe. We will continue to partner with other agencies and elected officials to accomplish these goals. We’re passionate about supporting our local law enforcement agencies and are working on issues hand-in-hand with these folks to ensure our schools are safe, assist those experiencing homelessness, and combat human trafficking. At the state level, we are also continuing to fund and support various options to secure our southern border.
Some of our legislative ideas are brand new, but some, like border security and election integrity, are building on successes we had last session. Our team had a lot of wins as a freshman office in the 87th session, and we look forward to working with you during the 88th. It has been an honor to serve you in Austin, and I ask for the opportunity to earn your vote in this year’s November election as well.

If you have been a long-time supporter, or you are just hearing about our team for the first time, I invite you to come learn more about Team Jetton and our legislative priorities at our Campaign Kickoff Fundraiser. You can purchase individual tickets for $25 here, or contact Alex to get more information about sponsoring the event. This family-friendly kickoff will feature good food and good music by the Runaway Mountains, a classic rock band started by a local Fort Bend student and her college classmates. We hope to see you there!
As always, we are grateful for your support and your participation in the governing process. The vast majority of our legislative ideas come from people like you. If you know of a need in your community, or have an idea for legislation, use the button below to share that feedback with Team Jetton. We value your input and look forward to hearing from more of you as we gear up for the next legislative session. 
Let us know your thoughts
Our goal is to communicate effectively, with authenticity and simplicity, so that Texans know what and why things are happening, and how to make a difference in their community. We want to empower you with the right information to make things better for yourself, your family, and your neighbors. Thank you for taking steps to be informed and share good information with others. 
Jacey Jetton
State Representative
Texas House District 26

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