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Harbourside’s Bionic Man
Doug speaks of himself as a ‘bionic man’ ever since his operation to install electrodes in his brain connected to an electric pulse generator attached to his chest. We think of his transformation from a man suffering acutely from Parkinson’s disease a year ago to an energetic and enthusiastic member of our community today as a miracle.
Doug has rejoined Toastmaster’s locally to learn how to most effectively deliver his message to other Parkinson’s sufferers. His message is to get on the waiting list for surgery as soon as possible because the wait time in Canada currently is about 6 years.
Harbourside enjoyed the fruits of Doug’s renewed energies one Sunday recently when he made pancakes for our Sunday brunch, ran a mead-making workshop in the afternoon and offered a spaghetti dinner to us all that evening! 
Celebrating the Harvest

The counter was heaped with the vegetables and fruits of our harvest. Jean tended the turkey, Ann decorated the tables, and Harboursiders contributed their special vegetable dishes and desserts for a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast. 
David and The Idles

You are never too old to try something new or have your prejudices challenged. That was my new insight after recently attending my first ever Punk Rock concert in Vancouver. I was there with my daughter Kristina to see the internationally acclaimed British band, ‘ The Idles ‘ whose lead singer, Joe Talbot, is my nephew. Prior to this concert I had not seen Joe for more than thirteen years.
Punk rockers can be negatively viewed by the public as angry, uncouth, rebellious, anti-establishment figures and that was certainly the image projected from the stage during this extremely noisy, highly energetic performance. Off stage though it was a different story and you could not have wished to meet a nicer bunch of young people. These rockers, are caring, reflective, intelligent, funny, respectful and passionate advocates for social justice. Their songs carry an important message for us all.
I learned from this experience once again to never judge a person by their cover. (David)
Q is for Quince
 Remember quinces? That notoriously difficult fruit to process? Wynn, Rene and Arlene took the challenge this year to produce many jars of beautiful orangey-rose jelly. Some quinces were poached and huge jugs of apple-quince mead sit quietly fermenting in our downstairs kitchen. (Doug brought a machete to cut the quinces for that job!) Some of the sieved mash from the jelly-making has been frozen for later use this winter in applesauce or muffins. All in all, a bumper year for quinces!

To Warren and Ellen for fixing the gym flooring
To John and Warren for making the gazebo secure
To Phil and John for working on the workshop roof repair
To Priska for gathering seaweed to enrich the soil for the garlic garden
Media Man     
Connecting with our Community (3rd in our series)

Frank has many talents and is an invaluable member of our cohousing project. His experience in Ottawa as a television production technician for Global’s Parliamentary News Bureau has led to his being able to make a substantial contribution to the video-taping of local events.
Frank’s skills as a cameraman, sound technician and videotape editor were on full display in his recent recording of the All Candidates’ Debate at the Prestige Hotel during Sooke’s civic election.
You will find him behind the camera again for the upcoming SOOKE TALKS, November 2nd at 7pm at the Sooke Community Theatre (EMCS).
Units for Sale or Rent at Harbourside:

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The Harbourside  Drumming Circle recently started up again with eight active participants, Wynn, Kaye, Jean, Bev, Moki, John, David and Bob the Younger. We will be meeting from 7 to 8 pm every other Monday in the Common House. New members are always welcome. No experience is necessary and there are spare instruments available. Apart from being great fun, drumming is also claimed to be good for our physical and mental health. (David)
Mystery object
Can you guess what the object that Ralph is wearing on his hand is used for?
(Hint: Remember that Ralph is a mariner.)  **Answer at end of newsletter.

Thank you Phillipe and Janice
 for a wonderful Sunday Brunch! Ever since Alice (centre above) moved to Harbourside, we have enjoyed the regular visits of Phil, (Alice’s son) and Janice. Recently, they offered to host one of our Sunday Brunches. Janice made an Eggs Benedict casserole with roasted asparagus and Hollandaise sauce and a healthy Mexican breakfast casserole, substituting zucchini for the meat. 

Marisa sometimes refers to her bread baking endeavors as “procrastinating”.  This beautiful and delicious oatmeal rye loaf was among her recent experiments.

Phil’s Gate
Once again, Phil has given us the benefit of his skills as an artist and craftsman by designing the gateway to our new  Garden and Gathering Place. He asked for Harboursiders' help in collecting driftwood ‘with character’ from local beaches and soon he had quite an assortment to choose from. The result is the handsome entryway pictured above. A second gate for wider vehicles will be added eventually.
October birthday celebrants, Wynn and Hank are joined by Jean, who celebrated her birthday a month early, to blow out the candles on their pear upside down birthday cake.
**It's called a Sailmaker's Palm and is made of metal, rawhide and leather. The small metal core is encased in rawhide and sewn into a leather strap that fits around the palm. It is used by sailmakers and menders the way thimbles are used to aid in pushing the threaded needle through the tough sailcloth.
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Our mailing address is:
Harbourside Cohousing Strata EPS 2797 P.O. Box 787, Sooke, B.C. V9Z 1H7

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