Harbourside's Intrepid Trekkers

Bev put out the call for Harboursiders interested in training for the 29th Times Colonist 10K Walk in Victoria on April 29th 2018. Despite near-freezing temperatures and a light snowfall, eight intrepid walkers (+ two dogs - Zella and Murray) headed out on the Galloping Goose for their first walk.
Bev says "As we were walking back from our 5.6km walk yesterday I saw this huge icicle poking out from a rock.  I was thirsty so I broke it off and had a good drink then I decided to challenge Warren as my icicle had turned into a sword!".  
(photos by Caren)
Four Generations 

Multiple generations of the same Harbourside family welcome Arwyn and Jason's son, Winston, in this four generation picture. Winston is Shirley's fourth great-grandchild and Ellen and Warren's first grandchild. We look forward to officially welcoming Winston on March 10th, when a special tea will be held in his honour at Harbourside between 12 and 3 o'clock.
Update on Sooke's Second Cohousing Project
A view of the facility from the northwest, showing the unit entries and Sooke Harbour beyond. 
A waterside view, showing the units’ balconies. 
Harbourside’s little sister, West Wind Harbour, is steaming along in its development process. Fourth and final reading of its rezoning application was unanimously accepted by Sooke Municipal Council late in 2017, and the development application will be submitted in early February.
Architect Peter Treuheit has designed yet another amazing facility for the Sooke waterfront. All 34 units will have water and mountain views. There are now 20 very excited equity-member households developing the community while working on the building and landscape designs.
West Wind Harbour will next host Margaret Critchlow’s popular workshop Is Cohousing for You? on March 17-18. New associate members will be accepted at that time. Registration is available on
Campbell Construction will begin project construction by January 2019, and the project will be move-in ready in early 2020. For more information visit
www.westwindharbour.ca or write to info@westwindharbour.ca.    (Kitty)

Kudos to the Common House Team

Bev and Wynn lead a large team of volunteer Harboursiders to look after our Common House. They coordinate the general maintenance and security of the building interior. A list of the kinds of jobs looked after by this team will surprise you because it all happens so quietly and seamlessly….maintenance of inventories and supplies, preparation of guest rooms and co care suite, event and potluck setups, regular cleaning out of fridge and stove, etc.
They lead a small group of paid helpers who prepare the guest rooms for a rapid turnover. (More helpers are needed here.)  They are currently overseeing the replacement of the flooring in both guest rooms and the library. And every night a team of 4 men take turns checking the lights and doors of the building. Their big neighbourhood project this year will be a luncheon for guests from Ayre Manor. 
Bev and Wynn remarked on the benefits of their shared leadership and also expressed gratitude to the Maintenance Team for taking on CH mechanical maintenance….but that’s another story for another day. (Arlene) 
Seniors Driving Update
How many of these road signs do you know?A recent driving workshop at Harbourside for Sooke seniors, arranged by Gail, featured many useful driving tips by Steve Wallace of Wallace Driving School in Victoria.  Since some of us will undoubtedly be requested to take the new provincial Enhanced Road Assessment Test, it was very helpful to learn some of the things we might expect and how to begin to prepare ourselves. 
Sooke Optimism

Inspired by Bob and Verna Duncan's success in North Saanich growing lemons, the question arose as to whether it might be possible to grow lemons on our west coast Harbourside decks. This latest cold snap has put the experiment to the test. The top image shows the one green lemon Bob Duncan advised trying to keep over the winter. Below is the plastic greenhouse protection used for most of the winter and the cloth cover (plus a string of Christmas tree lights) necessary during the cold snap in late February. If it ever gets ripe, you will be the first to know! (Arlene)
Warren's discovered a new app for his smart phone called KaleidoPaint. Check it out! He says it's the best pattern-making app he's ever seen....so far. 
Picture this.......
No, it wasn't an earthquake drill. The big shake out in Harbourside's Common House at 3:30 on Wednesday, Feb 21 was Osho movement to music. This is parallel play at its best. No one watches anyone else, and each person can do their own thing! What connects us is the music and the beautiful space of Harbourside's Common House. 
A recording of this well-known kundalini yoga music encouraged us to shake, shake, shake for 15 minutes, then dance however we wished for 15 minutes, and be still for the final 15 minutes before transitioning to an optional yoga class. 
Four Harbourside members enjoyed this event, as did Anthea Browne, who teaches yoga in the Common House at 8:30 a.m. on Mondays and 4:15 p.m. on Wednesdays (drop ins welcome). 
Osho movement to music is a regular monthly event, next scheduled for March 28 at 3:30 pm. It's free, and open to both Harboursiders and the larger community. (Margaret)
Last week a good friend and I decided it would be a great idea to become more involved in the Sooke Community’s Emergency Preparedness event to educate ourselves. Due to recent tsunami warnings and living as close to the harbour as I do, I was concerned about my own lack of knowledge concerning what actions to take. 
The meeting was extremely informative with a packed house of local Sooke folks being addressed by the Fire Chief Kenn Mount and Deputy Chief Richard McLeod, head of Volunteer Emergency Support Services. For emergency contact information go to: https://sooke.ca/departments/protective-services/em

What I will be doing is making sure I have the 72 hour to 7 day preparations needed in case of an emergency and I look forward to participating as a Sooke Volunteer ESS member in the future.  (Lou)

February Birthday Party 

Jean, Shirley and Wynn coordinate our monthly birthday celebrations with delicious dinners and homemade birthday cakes every month. In February we celebrated Bob, Glenna and Adrienne adding a year to their ages. It's a grand excuse for a shared meal and good time with our neighbours.
Susan has cleverly used her telescope to capture this picture of a pair of bald eagles on our shoreline. 
Dan fixed Bev and Moki's beautiful little kettle recently by making a clip to hold the handle upright. He uses Fusion 360 to design the part and prints it on a 3-D printer. The clip keeps the handle very cool! 
(Ask Jack to tell you the story of Beth, the baby and the Bombardier.....)
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