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Ekoos Christmas Concert at Harbourside

Lighting up our Common House main room with their voices and smiles, Ekoos choir (which includes Harboursiders Alice, Warren and Donja) treated us to a program of choral music sung acappella. Works included early music selected by choir members and sung in German, Latin and Russian.

Each work was given a short introduction by Warren, who also played solos on his collection of recorders and flute. Other highlights included a piece called "Northern Lights" accompanied by filmed light projections and a solo sung by Donja, "I'll be home for Christmas". 
Weathering the Storm

The Morning after the most severe storm experienced in these parts in years, Harbourside was left with relatively little damage and debris. On the day of the storm Marisa, Warren, Ellen, Susan, Jay and Yibo were out in the wind to try to secure the wharf shed and canoe docks. 

Most concerning was that the shed float had become unmoored and threatened to float away. With Warren’s and Jay’s assistance, Marisa secured a rope to the float and  it was tied to the wharf. John and his friend Gord later adjusted those temporary tie downs. 
The crab float had come apart and the other floating docks had broken apart. 

On the morning after the storm, everything was secured with rope by Warren and John. Our neighbour, Dannie, towed logs in for more protection from a west wind, and took the remains of the crab float to the beach. Luckily all boats tied up to the wharf were largely undamaged.

The storm resulted in a power outage for 5 hours and so the only wood-burning stove on site (in the co care suite) was called into use and several Harboursiders gathered round it for comfort and warmth. (story by Marisa, RS photo by John) 
Ann, who is not afraid of heights, trimmed the uppermost branches of our Christmas tree as Wynn and Bev offered their encouragement.
(Photo by Glenna)

Christmas Day Dinner, organized by Jean, served turkey and salmon to 18 people in the cheerful cosiness of our Common House dining room. The tables were laid out in an X formation and were beautifully decorated with evergreen boughs and candles on red runners with a miniature tree in the centre. 

Under the big Christmas tree was a surprise gift from Marty, a recent visitor to Harbourside. He generously left a choice of laminated images of his artworks for each Harboursider. Thank you Marty! (Photo by Priska)
Marisa and Arlene's one-time-only plum/walnut/apple/cranberry galette made for an un-Christmas dinner. 
Marty's artwork, expressive depictions of recognizable landmarks in Victoria and Calgary, were given in appreciation for the welcome he felt during his visit.
How to ruin a perfectly good Christmas
Warren and Ellen were called to Shirley’s rescue on Christmas Day to capture wasps which had made nests inside her suite. Pictured on the right above is Warren, up on a ladder vacuuming up wasps, and on the left, a cluster of wasps.
How did they all get in? The only explanation so far is that because Shirley stored the umbrella from her deck under her bed, a wasp  nest may have inadvertently been included inside the closed up umbrella!  
Crab Pickers and Crab Cakes

The call went out for help picking the crabs our generous neighbour, Dannie, had given Harbourside. A tableful of willing workers showed up and John made us the best tasting crab cakes ever for Sunday brunch the next day.
(LS photo by Glenna)
With so much holiday eating going on, regular visits to our exercise room are a necessity.... but also fun! Warren was on the elliptical in the background until he decided to take the photo. 
You will notice the new addition of a large mirror, donated by Susan, who installed it with the help of Warren. All those pairs of shoes lined up on the shelves belong to users of the gym. 
KUDOS to our BRUNCH stalwarts!

Most Sundays at 9 o'clock, we are treated to some new delicious breakfast treat. Many people help with this event, but the stalwarts are Ellen (holding bay branch on RS) and Jean, Wynn and Shirley (on LS) who help with setup and cleanup nearly every week. We often enjoy visitors such as Jane and Robert (on RS) who brought the bay branch and wild mushrooms in a basket.
Philippe, Alice's son, took this beautiful photo of the praying mantis he gave her as a pet. After a few weeks though, Alice realized that she couldn't continue feeding it the live insects it required for its diet. 
Only two garbage bins!

Every Saturday, all our recycling bins must be brought up from the recycling room to the curbside for pickup. Here we see Felicitas, Kaye and her guest one foggy morning, happy at the completion of the job.

The good news is that we only put out two small garbage bins on Thursday  for landfill. With 31 units at Harbourside, we feel proud of having so little waste. (Photo by Ann)
December birthday celebrants, Rita, David, Warren and Gail (Phil is out of province) with birthday cake made by Arlene using Ottolenghi's recipe for parsnip and pecan cake with anise and orange.....and way too few candles! (Photo by Marisa)
Harbourside's Official Ping Pong Team

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (rain or shine) our avid ping pongers gather at 3 o'clock around the green table with their red paddles for lots of back and forth ping ponging and laughing. From left to right we have Kaye, Adrienne, Bob (the younger) and our neighbour, Ruma. Missing from this official photo are Glenna (the photographer) and John. 
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