Gardens at Harbourside

This is the third summer for gardens at Harbourside and the devotion of our many gardeners is becoming evident. Most gardens are tended primarily by the resident living closest, lending each garden a distinct personality. The garden pictured above is behind Building 5. 

The Landscape Team (Ann, Arlene, Bev, David, Ellen, Gail, Glenna, John, Kaye, Ralph, Rene, Susan) led by Donja oversees the development and care of all the landscaping on common property. Despite our favourable growing climate, there are many challenges to successful gardening here. Our more experienced West Coast gardeners are teaching the newcomers how to cope with the unique challenges presented by wildlife and the vagaries of a coastal climate. (Arlene)
Invitation to our Open House - Sunday June 10th - 1-3pm
A couple of households are leaving - their homes are for sale. And we’re excited about the possibilities that newcomers bring.
It’s inevitable that a community shifts and changes; it’s a dynamic, breathing organism so as some folks depart we welcome the new people who will come to fill the spaces.
Holding an Open House is one of the ways that we pull together putting community energy and passion into welcoming those who are interested in living in our community.
When you come to our Open House here, you’ll have a chance to look around - we have many shared facilities to show off.  You can look into the homes for sale and ask lots of questions of a variety of people who live here and get a feel for the place. 
Might you fit here? Is a shared community life what you’ve always dreamed of?
Come and experience Harbourside! (Ann)
Report on the Canadian Cohousing Conference - 28/29 April, 2018

 Margaret, Ann, Priska, Kitty and I attended this conference in Vancouver.
There were between 150 and 200 people in attendance with a good mix of people living in existing communities, people looking to get involved in cohousing as a living-style option, and professionals who serve the cohousing sector. The conference was charged with positive energy and enthusiasm and I had a strong sense of belonging and commonality with many people wanting better ways to live in community.
Most of us took in Tree Bressen’s presentation on APPLIED DESIGN FOR MAKING BETTER MEETINGS on Saturday afternoon after the tours of local cohousing projects in the morning. She offered a wide range of possibilities for us to be more creative in how we structure meetings at Harbourside.
After an extremely noisy cocktail hour we settled in to a banquet combined with acknowledgements and presentations about key players and cohousing pioneers followed by a keynote address by Grace Kim (from Seattle) about the SOCIAL SCIENCE OF COHOUSING. Our project manager Ronaye Matthew was especially honoured for her excellent work with so many cohousing communities.
Sunday was filled with a choice of 12 workshops including AGING WELL IN COMMUNITY presented by Margaret and I to a full room. After that we attended 3 intensive sessions on: Ways to Get Things Done in Cohousing; Conflict; and Participation. At lunch, I heard some new ideas about car sharing. By 5 p.m. we were done and heading home with lots to digest.  (Moki) 
The Garden and Gathering Place Project
A major project took place this spring at Harbourside on the land below Building 3. Conceived by Ellen and Warren, a proposal for an accessible vegetable gardening area and gathering place was passed by Council in April. Work began almost immediately. Special thanks are due to Warren, John and Doug who worked on building the raised beds and to Susan, Priska and Glenna who distributed the underlay of manure before the slinger brought in the topsoil.
The boxes have now been filled with soil, seeds and seedlings. Temporary cloth coverings have been clipped into place to protect the plants from the inquisitive and hungry deer. A major side benefit of this project is the opportunity to gather and garden that it offers Harboursiders with limited mobility.  (Arlene)
Painting a Tree / Making a Life
On a beautiful afternoon in early May, I wandered down to the Art Room to check out the Harbourside Residents' Tree Painting Project. Here is what I saw. The 4'X5' canvas was divided into 25 equal parts, each section painted by an individual member of the Harbourside community. Jean, who conceived the project, instructed each painter "to create on canvas your ideas and personality, and how you are part of the larger picture." (excerpt from Bob's writing about the project)

More for the Mind

Spurred on by the recent Seniors' Summit (attended by several Harboursiders), Sooke Region Lifelong Learners is gearing up for a full program of activities for Fall 2018.

Mini-courses include: Social Justice in Today's World, Social and Psychological Aspects of Aging, Einstein for Beginners, Re-envisioning and Re-imagining Canada.

Workshops are planned on Indian Cooking, Memoir Writing, Emergency Preparedness, Brain Injury.

Plus an interactive discussion group on World Events. And, back by popular demand, the ever- popular Movies from Around the World (right here at Harbourside).

All this thanks to volunteer facilitators and workshop leaders, plus continuing support from SEAPARC, from Sooke Region Communities Health Network (SRCHN), and the Sooke Region Volunteer Centre. (Bob)

Frank, Hank and the Water Tanks

Considering the costumes and walkie talkies involved, the draining of the water tanks looked like it could have been a lot of fun .

But when you consider the hose dragging and hill climbing and the 2-3 hours necessary to drain EACH of the 7 tanks, I think we should feel very grateful to Frank and Hank for taking this on.
Brains and Brawn

Warren had the idea but it took four men and a woman to carry out the plan. The problem was how to reposition six heavy cement parking stops to allow for a new visitors’ parking spot behind building 6.
The execution involved using a crowbar to lift the ends of each stop enough to roll two logs under, enabling the stop to be rolled into a new position. The logs were removed and rebar pegs sledge-hammered into each stop to keep them in position.
Not an easy job but it was efficiently and quickly carried out by the team in the picture (from left to right) John, Susan, Warren, Bob I, and Frank. Bravo!
Bev sailing (with Moki and John) on the Savory. 
Candid camera! 
Jane T's farewell pizza party before she leaves for Kitchener, Ont.
Marisa looking serious with a handwoven towel on her head.
Yes, birthdays happen to all of us.  And around Harbourside we celebrate  the event once a month with a full evening of socializing including a meal with a birthday cake and a movie. If you walked by our Commonhouse during this event  and heard multi-toned voices mingled with laughter you might conclude that a “good time was had by all”, and you would be right. This month of May saw three birthdays – John, Bev and Alice. (Jean)
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